New Year Changes

Starting on January 6th the Mt. Pleasant 4th Ward will be meeting on Sundays at 9am for only 2 hours.

All youth will be moving classes as an age group. So if a child is turning 12 any time during the 2019 year they will not attend primary but will go directly into Young Mens or Young Womens after Sacrament meeting. Young Men that will be eligible to move forward in the priesthood(ie will be 12, 14, or 16 anytime in the year 2019) can be interviewed and subsequently ordained at any time.

2nd hour classes will rotate between Sunday School (studding the new Testament) and Relief Society/Elders Quorum. Sunday School will be the 1st and 3rd weeks, with RS/EQ on the 2nd and 4th weeks. Any 5th weeks will be combined under the direction of the Bishopric.

Missionary Work

We are grateful for the many blessings we have received in the Mount Pleasant fourth ward.  During February we heard from many of our missionary moms.  Families whose sons or daughters are serving a full-time mission.  I loved the talks and testimonies that were shared.  Service and Sacrifice seem to be the tools that get us closer to our Heavenly Father.  I believe these two tools make us more aware of the atonement of Jesus Christ.  As we become more aware of the atonement, we are much more likely to utilize the atonement more fully in our lives.  To reap the ultimate benefit of forgiveness, improvement, progression.  This is the message that seemed to be universal as each mother spoke of her missionary. 

This month we are excited to welcome Sister Jentry Ison home from her service as a full-time missionary to the people in the Vancouver Washington mission.  I have enjoyed the emails Sister Ison has shared.  It is obvious to me that she has really focused on serving Heavenly Father.  She is a great example to me and I’m really excited to hear her report on March 10th

Wyatt (Bubba) Ison has submitted his papers for his mission.  With mission calls being emailed instead of mailed to the missionary, I would expect that we will know where Bubba will be going soon.  I’m excited for Bubba and know that he will be awesome.  He will join the ranks of an amazing missionary army.  I’m particularly proud of the 8 missionaries that we have serving from our ward. 

The theme this month for sacrament meeting is love thy neighbor.  I have so many examples in my life of loving thy neighbor.  The eight missionaries that I just mentioned are a great example.  All of you have been so good to me and my family.  I can’t express how much of an impact your service and love has on me.  I love the direction that President Nelson and the leadership of the church are taking us.  I love the idea of “Ministering”, or creating an authentic opportunity for each of us to serve.  To truly Love our Neighbor.  I love how the Lord gives us callings, again, giving us opportunities to Love our Neighbor.  I’m grateful for the sense of community that we enjoy in Mount Pleasant, another authentic opportunity to Love our Neighbor. 

March 17th, we will have ward conference.  In preparation for ward conference, we will have a temple night on March 14th.  I’m grateful for the leadership we have in this stake.  President Jorgensen is such a good example of service.  I look forward to spending some time with our stake leadership.

I’m grateful for the blessings that we enjoy.  I’m grateful for Jesus Christ.  For his atoning sacrifice.  For the gospel of Jesus Christ that was restored through Joseph Smith.  I’m grateful for President Nelson and know that he is a Prophet of God.  I’m grateful for all of the members of the Mount Pleasant Fourth ward.  I hope that each of us has an enjoyable month of March.

Bishop Applegarth

Temple & Indexing work

I was recently reflecting back at a time I was a missionary serving in the England London Mission. I was training Elder Roberts a new missionary from South Africa. In England, at that time, we watched general conference on video one week later. As we were watching conference at the stake center it was announced that there would be a temple built in Johannesburg South Africa. Elder Roberts jumped for joy and almost couldn’t contain himself! (The only other time I saw him do this was when he saw snow for the first time.) At that time South Africa was in the London Temple district.  Very few people ever got to receive the blessings of the temple.  He told me most people, if they could afford the trip, would fly to Sao Paulo Brazil because it was a cheaper plane ticket.

We are very blessed to live so close to the Manti Temple. It is a beautiful temple and I have been blessed to work there every Tuesday morning for the last three years. I would like to invite all of you who can to make a goal to attend the temple at least once a month and for those who have more time to attend at least once a week. I see people at the temple week after week every Tuesday morning. They love it! They bring their family names and do all the work for them. They feel closer to their ancestors, but more importantly they feel closer to the Lord.

I know you will be blessed for your efforts to do family history work and attend the Temple.

Brother Steve Sanders

As a Stake and a Ward we are wanting to increase our activity with indexing records.  During February many of us were indexing.  We had 45 ward members this month who have indexed records. As a group, the Mt. Pleasant 4th Ward had 4530 records indexed in February! Compared to January, when we did 1812 records, this is amazing.  Keep it up! We so appreciate all of you that are indexing.  If you would like to learn how to index please get in touch with one of the Family History consultants: Angie Jorgensen, Pam and Kevin Allen, Anamarie Jessee, and Candice Sanders.  We would love to help you out.

Sister Candice Sanders


Over 300 records indexed: Amy Broadhead Jorgensen, Anamarie Jessee, Todd Jorgensen

Over 400 records indexed: Barbara Honey, Crystal Bailey

Over 500 records indexed: Graham Jessee, Molly Hansen

Top indexer for the month of February: Angie Jorgensen (1004 names)

Sister Ison – March 2019

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

Sister Ison returns home next week on March 5th and will give her homecoming remarks on Sunday the 10th.   She has absolutely loved serving her Father in Heaven and Savior in the Washington Vancouver Mission.   We have been so blessed as a family by her example of faithful service and we are excited to get her home. 

Here is her final email and testimony that I would like to share with the ward.

Wow…..I can’t believe that this is my last email. How much I have loved my mission. I don’t even know where to begin.

Although I will have to go soon I want to testify to you of the things I have learned on my mission. 

Jesus Christ lives, the tomb is empty and he loves us. He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane for us. He knows exactly how we feel in every single moment. I have experienced so many moments on my mission where I have felt The Saviors atoning love and sacrifice for me. He knows that we want to return to our Heavenly Home to live with Him and our Heavenly Father. He is always with us walking side by side, I have felt that physically. HE LIVES! 

Heavenly Father loves us and he wants us to return to Him. He is the father of our spirits and has a plan for each of us to return to Him. Yes, life is hard but He wants us to return to Him. He knows the choices we will make and He loves us as well and wants us to return to Him.

The Book of Mormon is the fullness of the gospel back on the earth again restored by the prophet Joseph Smith who is a man called of God! I have been able to receive my own testimony of the Book of Mormon in my life. It is true, it is real, and it changes lives. 

Lastly, families are eternal! We have the opportunity to return to live with our families and God and Jesus Christ for all eternity. I will miss my family here in Washington so much. I will miss them very, very much, but I am also ready to come home to my family. I love them. I know they are always here for me. I love this mission and it is the best thing I’ve ever done. It is something that has made me more of the person God and Jesus Christ needed me to be. I love and appreciate you all very much. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Kristie Ison

Thoughts from Bishopric – February 2019

February is here! January was a great start to a great 2019.  Much needed snow, new Church programs… We’re truly being blessed. We’ve started with the new block schedule and curriculum on Sundays.  We appreciate everybody’s patience as we work everything out. We can already see the inspiration behind the change. Great things are coming. How wonderful it is to see the Lord directing His Church through His Prophet.

In January we heard talks about the Covenant Path. We heard how two of our missionaries, Elder Walker and Elder Olson, are sharing their own journeys along that path with the people in their missions. Brother Peel from the High Council also helped inspire us to keep on the Covenant Path. There have been changes in Temple and Family History in the Stake happening too. We are working to be more in line with the idea of ‘Home Centered’ and ‘Church Supported’ as we’re looking at ways to help more members catch the vision of this great work in their own homes.

The new theme for February is Missionary Work and we’ll have the opportunity to hear from more of the families of our serving missionaries. I love this quote from Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita of the Seventy, a convert to the Church, as he speaks about our full time missionaries – though I think it can apply to each of us as we strive to be member missionaries.

“Your message is a message of love, a message of hope, and a message of faith. Your attitude and your actions invite the Spirit, and the Spirit enables us to understand the things that are important. What I want to convey to you is that through your love, you are imparting the love of God. You are a treasure of this Church. I am so very thankful to all of you for your sacrifice and your dedication.” -Elder Yamashita

May the Lord bless us all as we continue to progress this year.

Brother Walker 2nd Counselor

Missionary Work

The Lord has declared that missionary work is the responsibility of all who follow Him. Members of the Lord’s Church can, by the goodness of their lives and the strength of their testimonies, share the gospel message and help prepare family members, friends, and other acquaintances who are not Latter-day Saints to be taught by the full-time missionaries.

When we experience the blessings of gospel living, we naturally want to share those blessings with others. The Lord spoke of the joy that comes into our lives when we share His gospel:

“If it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!” (D&C 18:15) …

Missionary work also includes helping and supporting those who join the Church. As instructed by President Gordon B. Hinckley, each new member of the Church needs three things: a friend, a responsibility, and nurturing with “the good word of God” (Moroni 6:4)

“[The work of salvation] would include the gathering of Israel through temple and family history work, working with families and individuals in need, and helping the missionaries to bring souls to Jesus Christ.”

Elder Ronald A. Rasband(April 2018): Behold! A Royal Army

Thomas S. Monson(April 1995): That All May Hear

What is Indexing

Happy New Year, 4th ward family. As temple and family history consultants, we want to put out some information each month to you as the 4th ward. This month, we will focus on indexing.

Some will ask, “What is indexing and why should we be indexing?” There is a great article in the December 2018 ensign about indexing. It tell us that “Indexing is a process that helps us organize that data contained in many kinds of records”. There are many kinds of records to choose from birth, death, immigration, military, deed, probate, and so on. Indexing makes records available and searchable. The indexing process now transforms the information into digital format, and searches that used to take hours, days or even years, now can be accomplished in seconds.

Millions of searchable names are added to Family Search through indexing efforts. It is the main source of new information added the system, ready to be utilized by the system. Maybe you have tried indexing in the past, but now it is so much easier, and there is an incredible array of help available online. You can choose the difficulty level that you want, and there is now what they call a “Quick batch” that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes when you don’t have much time, and are great for younger indexers. Our 9 and 8 year old granddaughters love to help index. It is a great project for all the family to be involved in. We have instituted an indexing challenge in our family this year.

Never has service been so easy or convenient. You can help build the kingdom as you serve at home, even in your pajamas. In just a few clicks of the computer mouse the blessings of temple and family history work can begin to flow into your life.

We as temple and family history consultants would love to be invited into your home to get you started. Give us a call and we would love to help with indexing or temple and family history work.  

Let us each put our “shoulder to the wheel and push along”.

 Angie Jorgensen

Sister Ison – February 2019

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

I can’t think of a better topic for the month than Missionary work!  And that’s probably because my missionary is in the home stretch.  Sister Ison just started her last transfer of her mission.  She will be returning home on March 5th and will give her homecoming talk on March 10th.  And although we are overjoyed at the thought of her coming home in 6 weeks she doesn’t quite share our enthusiasm… these are her words to us in her email this week.

Well this is my last 6 weeks, only 42 days left and as much as I love all of you I DO NOT want to come home. My heart aches because I love my mission and I don’t want to leave I have come to learn so many things but enough of that I still have 6 weeks! …

First off James got baptized this last Saturday! I taught him in Chehalis and I’m so excited and proud of James! He has come a long way and I just love him and his family! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms I’ve been to! I love seeing people change and making promises and receiving blessings because of their decision!

So this is obviously a hard time for Sister Ison as she prepares to leave the people and places she has loved and served in the Vancouver Washington mission. I also had to give her the news of a childhood friend’s untimely passing which was hard for her but I loved the testimony she shared at the end of her email about eternal families and I thought that I would share those thoughts with you.

Now I want to testify of eternal families. When we are committed to keeping our covenants and we go to the temple and take the sacrament we will be with our families for eternity. Most from back home know about Dallin and his passing and I wholeheartedly know that because his parents keep their covenants they will be together forever, for eternity and beyond. The Gospel is for everyone and because of him and what our Savior did for us, it is for everyone, always and forever. He is the Sweet Redeemer of our souls.  Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and this is his mission not mine. I testify that God loves us and wants us to return to him and that because of our Savior Jesus Christ who loves us so much we will return to him! I love you all and I know that this work will help others be together for eternity and beyond! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

We will probably get one more newsletter to report on Sister Ison since it will be right at the first of March but as you can tell it is bittersweet for our missionaries as the end draws near for them.                   

Kristie Ison

Sister Jorgensen – February 2019

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr North Little Rock AR 72116

Hello y’all and happy New Year! This week just got better and better . It doesn’t get better than being a disciple of Jesus Christ! There were so many miracles and so many people placed in our path that we were able to share the restored gospel with!

One of my favorites was on Sunday. Saturday and Sunday were both really nice days- 65 degrees! Blessed! Sunday we were headed home a little earlier than normal to finish some weekly planning we didn’t have time to do on Friday. We were almost home and out of the corner of my eye I see someone sitting on the curb of the parking lot with their head down. I pull over and we go over to her. We sat down on the asphalt in the parking lot and started talking to her. Angela has had a rough go lately and pulled over to just think and cry for a minute. 

She really started to open up to us as we asked her if she was looking for peace, truth, and happiness. She said she was searching for something. We were able to teach her the restoration and invite her to be baptized once she knows it’s true, and she said yes! She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon said she would read a chapter and we are meeting with her again tonight! As we sat in that parking lot talking to a stranger I thought to myself when else in my life would I ever or have I ever been so focused on helping others, “feeding His sheep”, and bringing them TRUE happiness? It made me so grateful that I get to do this EVERY SINGLE DAY! As we sat and talked with Angela my heart ached for her; but in the short amount of time I felt such a connection to her and felt such a small portion of the love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us.

I’ve loved being able to change my perspective on so many different things as a missionary but one of my favorites has definitely been seeing people as the Savior does and loving them as He does and would! Being able to feel a small portion of the love the Savior has for the people here has been incredible.

I would invite y’all to more fully see people the way Christ does and to love and care for His sheep the way He would if He was here. It starts with the smallest of things a smile, hug, or compliment can mean more than you’ll ever know.

Have a blessed week!
Sister Jorgensen

Elder Olson – February 2019

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Whanau! Another interesting week has gone down in Rotorua. We were visiting a less active family on Sunday, and the Young Men’s President showed up to help split some firewood. He started looking for these little grubs that grow in the wood. He found one, and showed us all. He then started joking with us about eating them. We all thought he was kidding, but then he popped it in and ATE IT. He told us if he found any more we would be eating them. He did find two more really little ones. They were a little bit shorter than the fingernail on my pinkie. My comp and I both popped them in. I kind of just swallowed it. It didn’t taste like much. I was glad I ate a little one, because the next one he found was as big as my thumb. No one decided to eat that one.

Spiritual Thought: A favorite scripture of mine is Moroni 7:37. It talks about how by faith, miracles are wrought. I have seen that on the mission in having faith to find. This week we found a lot of people out of pure inspiration. I know God can do mighty things if you have mighty faith.

I hit my 6-month mark. It feels weird to be out that long. Time has flown. I hope your time has been good to you. It has definitely been good to me. I hope all of you have a great month.

Ka Kite,
Elder Olson

Elder Walker – February 2019

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 S 16th Ave Yakima, WA 98902

He is doing well in Washington. He has recently been transferred to the center of the mission, Yakima. With his new companion, he says he’s “having the time of his life.” His new area is 17 miles from his last assignment and thus was given permission to return for a baptism of an investigator he taught. It’s his first experience of seeing the fruits of his labors, and he’s pretty excited. For more details of Elder Walker’s mission journey, see this blog.

Kami Walker


Welcome to January and a new year! Named after Janus, the Roman deity who is depicted with two contrasting faces representing the old and new, the past and future, endings and new beginnings, all of which relate to the outgoing year of 2018 and the incoming year 2019.

As we look back to the year 2018, we see a year where many new and exciting church policies have been implemented. We now have Ministering which replaced Visiting and Home teaching, High Priests which now meet with the Elders Quorum. A two hour block on Sundays to help facilitate home centered church supported gospel instruction and learning, supported through the “Come Follow Me” resource. Progression for children and youth in January, rather than on their birthday. Elimination of the Scouting program and the Manti and Castle Valley Pageant beginning in 2020 and the emphasis on the name of the Church, making certain we include the Saviors name when referencing His church, rather than just “Mormons”. I’m sure as the year 2019 progresses, we’ll see many more revelations pertaining to Church policy and to our personal salvation and exaltation. That is why it’s so important that we continue to listen to the still small voice that bears witness that the changes implemented are inspired and are revelations from the Lord, through His Prophet, for us. Also those promptings from the Spirit keep us on the Covenant Path that leads us back to our Heavenly Father.

Our theme for January is the Covenant Path, a phrase often used by our beloved Prophet and President of the Church, Russell M. Nelson. With so many church policy changes, one can’t help but think that the future holds some uncertainty. But as Elder Todd Christofferson recently stated, “We have no need to fear the future if we exercise gratitude for the blessings we share, be responsible for the choices we make in life, and have faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ”.

May we all find solace and peace of mind in recalling the words of the Old Testament Prophet Amos when he said “Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the Prophets.”

Bishopric 1st Counselor Brother Gunderson


Believe, Love, Do By Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“I am confident that our Heavenly Father’s arms are constantly extended, ever ready to embrace each one of us and say to each one with that quiet, piercing voice, ‘I love you.'”

—Paul E. Koelliker, April 2012 general conference

Sister Hafen – January 2019

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Hermana Hafen is doing well!  She just hit her six month mark and said that time is going fast. We were able to Skype with her on Christmas and it was the best Christmas present ever! Here is the email she sent home on Christmas Day.

Feliz Navidad todos!!

  What a special Christmas week and day I’ve had in Paraguay! One that I will always remember!! Thank you all so much for all the emails and pictures and videos for Christmas, you guys are the best and my heart is full!

   To start off we had a Christmas activity Saturday for our zone, for all the wards in our zone, and for the people that we are teaching in the chapel in Limpio. Our district was assigned to do the animal balloons, so I overcame my fear of balloons and gained a new talent this week! Now I can work in the carnival and do animal balloons. I was making dogs, giraffes, and flowers. It was super fun and we lit big lanterns to finish off the night!

    So here in Paraguay they don’t really celebrate Christmas day the 25th as much as they celebrate the night before called “Noche buena” so we went to a member’s house and we had huge dinner and finished the night with a lot of fireworks! We were in our house pretty early but we could hear that everyone was up past 1 o’clock.

    Christmas was really special this year, I’ve never had a Christmas quite like this one. This Christmas was definitely not about the gifts for myself, it was about giving the best gift I could ever give to people! That is the gift of our Savior, the first gift of Christmas that keeps on giving today. The gift that Jesus Christ gives to people through his atonement, peace, love, strength, and most importantly forgiveness for all the errors we make in this life so we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I love you all so much, and thank you for everything. I’m so grateful to spend a Christmas here in Paraguay with my family here and help them remember the birth of our Savior.


Angie Hafen

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Sister Ison – January 2019

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

She is doing great and trying to soak up everything last minute of her time as a missionary. She was transferred 2 weeks ago to a small town called Scatter Creek. She is training a new missionary Sister Stevens from Clinton, Utah. She loves Sister James and loves the challenges of being a trainer.  She realizes how fast that her mission is coming to an end and is working hard to finish strong. She has a short 10 weeks left on her mission and although her family is excited for her to come home, she is struggling with the fact that it is that close, she loves being a missionary and would stay if her Mission President would allow it. I wanted to share this from her email this past week

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!   I hope you have all had the best time with family and friends! Most importantly I hope you are all focused on the Savior this season and what He has done for us!

  This week has been very good and hard at the same time! None the less how grateful I am to be with such amazing people this Christmas day! I am so excited for this time that I have to be on a mission and to be serving The Lord! Also I am so grateful for all of the missionaries that I get to be around this Christmas season!

  How I love this time of the year! I pray that you will each remember how much The Savior loves you and how because of His birth we have this opportunity to be here and to be able to return to our Father in heaven. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know Heavenly Father loves us! I know that as we remember The Savior today to celebrate his birth that we will feel more peace and joy because of Him. I love you all and I hope you know you are all so loved! Enjoy this time with loved ones and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Kristie Ison

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Sister Jorgensen – January 2019

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr North Little Rock AR 72116

Merry Christmas from Tennessee y’all! What a wonderful time of year it is for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! It has been an amazing experience being a missionary during this Christmas season. 

This week we had another musical tribute in Bartlett. It was so powerful and our recent convert, Lynn, was able to come. She was able to talk with our mission president for a few minutes after, she has been struggling a little bit lately but He told her to keep working towards the temple. He told her that no matter where Sister Boyle and I were that he would make sure we were there with her to go to the temple. I lost it. There is no greater joy than watching the gospel change people. Watching Lynn grow and gain a testimony and preparing her to go to the temple to do baptisms has been incredible. I’m so grateful to be a part of it! 

Thank you for all your love, support, prayers, letters and cards! I’m blessed with the best people! I feel so undeserving and unqualified to be here as a representative of Jesus Christ. I’ve never be more aware of all my weaknesses but I’ve never been happier. We can do all things with His help! 

Here is one of my favorite scriptures for the Christmas season: 

Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”

May we all take the journey to Bethlehem in our minds and hearts and remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas!

Sister Jorgensen