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As many of you know in the October 2018 General Conference Elder Quentin L. Cook announced many exciting changes in his talk Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. One of those changes will be that starting in January church meetings will be compressed from 3 hours to 2. To facilitate that change many more small changes will need to happen so our short time in Sunday meetings will be Christ centered. One of the changes that Elder Cook mentioned is the removal of the announcement section at the beginning of meetings.

In preparation for this change next year I have created a new section of this website called Current Events. This page can be reached by clicking Current Events on the top menu bar, second option from the left.

This page now includes the information that was included in the monthly Calendar and Lesson Schedule with a new section called Weekly Activities. In this new section I have listed all the activities for the ward, that I know of, for the current and subsequent weeks. I have also broken down this information by day. Every Sunday I will make sure that the information is updated for the current week.

If you know of any events that are not on the calendars please email me at, call me at (717)668-5930, or use the Contact page on this site so everyone can stay informed on what is going on in the ward.

According to the announcements in General Conference the Church is moving to a more Family Centered, Church Supported, program. They suggested the formation of study groups to help fill the gap created from less church instruction. If you would like ward members to know of these study groups, empty nester FHEs, or any other event feel free to contact me so I can spread the word.

Bishopric – Gratitude

Fall is finally here!  With it came General Conference.  What a great opportunity to listen to divine messages.  I have a strong testimony that Russell M. Nelson is a prophet.  It will be interesting to see the changes implemented as we move to a new schedule at the beginning of 2019.

In addition to General Conference we got to listen to a missionary preparing to leave and a returning missionary.  They’re both amazing.  Good luck to both Kevin Johansen (headed to Cincinnati, Ohio) and Trent Seely (returning from California).

The theme for November is Gratitude.  A perfect fit for Thanksgiving, and contemplating the Savior’s birth in December.  I’m so thankful for the gospel, and for the members of the 4th Ward.  I hope you all have a wonderful month!

Bishopric 2nd Counselor Brother Walker

October 2018 Activities

On the 24th of October, the 4th Ward held their annual Fall Social and Cub Scout cake auction. Close to 200 ward members and neighbors attended the event, many in Halloween costumes. After the dinner, Ben Johansen auctioned off a dozen or more cakes and pies made by the wolf, bear and Webelos scouts…with parental supervision. Close to $475 was raised to fund the Scout day camp, Webelos woods, and Blue and Gold banquet. We would like to thank John and Sherene McClellan, our activities committee, Wes and Trish Power, our Cub and Asst. Cub masters, Ben Johansen, our Committee Chairman, all those who brought their favorite Soup and Chili dishes and Ed Staker who furnished his excellent apple cider. Also those who brought candy for our trunk or treat. To see more pictures of this event CLICK HERE.


On Sunday the 21st, the 4th Ward held a Court of Honor for two fine young men. Preston Condie and Kevin Johansen.

Both received their Eagle award and we couldn’t be prouder. We would like to thank their Scout leaders, merit badge counselors, mentors, parents, and all who are involved in the Scouting program, for their efforts. Congratulations!


Bishopric 1st Counselor Brother Gunderson

Learning Gratitude as a Family

Our topic this month is Gratitude. There is nothing on this earth that I am more grateful for than my family, so I will start with a brief introduction. We are the Johansen family, who moved here from Wyoming. Ben worked in the oil and gas industry for a long time so we have moved around quite a bit, from Rock Springs, Vernal, Arkansas, and Pinedale. Parkinson’s has changed our plans and brought us home to be near family. We both grew up (at least that’s what they say you do in High School) in Sanpete County. So, a Hawk and a Templar can get along! Bringing children into our family was a bit of a struggle but we were blessed with 3 boys and finally a daughter. Along the way Heavenly Father called one home and another one will forever be a child even as his body matures. It’s amazing how many wonderful things he teaches me. Our oldest son is serving his mission in Bogota, Colombia and loving it right now. Although, he says everyone feeds him rice and fried bananas. Our youngest is a teenage girl, so, you can guess how that’s going…but we love her dearly.

Gratitude can be a tricky thing. When things are going great it’s easy to be thankful. Blessings seem easy to identify when our situation is full of positivity, until we get so used to things being good that we start to forget who is blessing us. When times are tough, it’s sometimes a struggle to find the good things to be grateful for. It is so much easier to say why me, instead of thank you, Lord, for the refining process. Albeit, I have found when I feel things are at their lowest, it’s pretty easy to find joy when unexpected good things happen. So how do we find the right balance? How do we know we are thankful enough, in the high points of life when everything is going our way or at the bottom when we feel we are losing the fight with a trial? Can we find gratitude in every situation, even the toughest trials? I say yes we can.  In certain situations, my yes might come eventually, but it does come. I don’t think our Heavenly Father expects any one of us to always have a heart full of gratitude, without an occasional complaint. He knows that we will have times when things are just plain hard, times when we feel broken or lost. There are going to be times when we do question, why me or can you just pass this one on to someone else? Even Christ in the garden asked, is there not another way? He understands what it’s like for things to be tough. Christ completely understands how it feels. Tears and trials, were part of the plan, because they teach us to appreciate and long for smiles and laughter. They make us hope for happiness and gratitude.

I have had times in my life when I was not especially grateful for things that were going on around me. When it was hard to find something to say thank you for, but later I realized I wasn’t looking hard enough. I couldn’t see beyond the trial right in front of me. On the other side of the trial I see the blessings that my tears were hiding. Looking back always helps me catch things to be grateful for that I missed at the time. I see how prayers were answered for my benefit, even when they weren’t what I thought I wanted. I find that when I try to find something to be grateful for, even if it’s something minuscule it makes my day better. After all, we each have a Heavenly Father who loves us individually, and a brother who made all things possible for us. None of us are perfect but we can one day be, because of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and that is enough to be grateful for every day.

Donnell Johansen

Elder Applegarth – November 2018

Sierra Leone Freetown Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

He has had an amazing mission. He has been so blessed in many ways. As has been our family having a missionary out. Spencer truly loves the people of Sierra Leone. He loves President and Sister Clawson, and we are so thankful for them and the love they have given our boy. My heart breaks for him today, I know how hard it is to leave the people he has grown to love and admire. It is my prayer that Heavenly Father continues to watch over the loving people of Sierra Leone. God be with them till Spencer can meet with them again. Spencer’s homecoming will be on November 11th.

Kathryn Applegarth

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Sister Hafen

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Hermana is doing well. She has been out 4 months now and is loving every minute of it. She recently had a wonderful surprise as the missionaries were able to meet with our dear prophet President Nelson as he embarked on his South America Tour. This is what she said about that experience:

Today we all came into Asuncion and we were waiting for the prophet to come in and take a picture with us! He came in and we all stood together it was awesome, the spirit was so strong! I sat almost right behind him, I could’ve taken a selfie with him haha but really though! Then after the picture he wanted to greet each one of us and shake our hands. He is so lively! He was making us all laugh! When he came in he just said “Wow you guys look great!” He has so much energy and just so much love for each one of us! So I met the prophet in Paraguay!!! Que raro verdad because I live in Utah! He talked to us a little bit about marriage. He said us hermanas can’t say yes to a guy unless he truly has a love for God. He testified of the Book of Mormon, and I loved that. It really is the key to our religion!!! To hear his testimony of that strengthens mine for sure! I love you all and I want to let you all know that I know that we have a living prophet on the earth today, it’s a way that Heavenly Father shows us his love!! To help us He guides and directs us today. Also President Nelson told us to tell our parents thank you for raising a disciple of Christ! So thank you!

This week I got a lesson in with a non-member by beating them in basketball, they said if I made a half-court shot I could share with them, so I prayed in my heart and sure enough I made it! So the Lord is definitely on my team!!
I love you all so so much!! Thanks for the support!! I love Paraguay but especially my family here in Paraguay!! I’m blessed with this opportunity to serve. I know this is the church of Jesus Christ and we have a living prophet today!! ROHAYHU!

Angie Hafen

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Sister Ison – November 2018

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

She is doing awesome and really focusing on finishing out her mission by working super hard and being obedient.   She has loved this transfer with Sister Hindmarsh and has really embraced her calling as a Sister Training Leader.  She loves being in Ridgefield which is the same stake she has been in for over 6 months which has allowed her to be able to go back to Battleground on exchanges as well as having the opportunity to continue teaching Blue who now has a baptismal date for Dec 8th!!!!

Jentry realizes how fast the end of her mission is nearing and she isn’t too happy about it.  She loves being a missionary and serving the people of Washington.  Here is a little bit from her email this week.

Something that I learned this week was how much the Holy Ghost teaches and we are just guides! Heavenly father blesses us in so many ways and one of the most important is through the spirit! I am grateful for the companionship of the Holy Ghost to lead and guide us! I love my Savior and what he has done for us! I know each of you are so loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and they want to answer you. Seek for answers because they are there! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

Kristie Ison

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Elder Johansen – November 2018

Colombia Bogotá North Mission Office Address Calle 72 # 10-07 Oficina 1005 Edificio Liberty Seguros Bogota, Cundinamarca Colombia

It’s amazing how much he has grown in just eight weeks in the mission field. He is seeing first-hand how the gift of tongues works. He was so worried about his Spanish, but in each email I see how well things are going. He throws in Spanish constantly. By the end of his mission, I think, I will need an interpreter just to read his emails. He says everyone feeds them and the hardest part of the whole mission is eating all the time. They found 11 investigators in just 4 days, and have set a goal for 3 baptisms this month. He loves the Latino people but says he sucks at soccer. My favorite part of his last email was “Being here in Colombia has opened my eyes to see that there is more to life than things, and that all the people of the world are equal in the eyes of God and should be in our eyes”. I think that is the best lesson anyone can ever learn.

Donnell Johansen

Elder Olson – November 2018

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everybody!

I finally was able to see conference. There were so many great talks, and a lot to learn from them. This week has been pretty good. I got my NZ drivers license, and I am certified by the mission. All the new missionaries are so scared of driving on the other side of the road, but it is easy. One of our Zone Leaders, who has been out for 18 months, accidentally turned like an American, so I guess sometimes things may go wrong.
Spiritual Thought- One of the threads that formed the rope of conference was the theme of strengthening our and our families true conversion. There is a difference between a testimony and true conversion. We all have a testimony, but until we put that testimony into action, actually applying what we know to be true, are we truly converted. I challenge all of you this week to push beyond just a testimony. Show that what you know is true by doing what you know is true.

I hope everyone has a great upcoming week. It is summer here now, so the weather is nice. However, I do hope you all stay warm.

Ka Kite!

Trevor Olson

Elder Walker – November 2018

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 S 16th Ave Yakima, WA 98902
This past month, Elder Walker has been getting used to his new area: Naches, Washington. He is enjoying the ward and the teaching opportunities there. In his previous area, there was much emphasis on service to build the ward and the member’s reception to the missionaries. His new area appears to be more established. He’s had more teaching opportunities and practice with using the priesthood. This picture is taken by his mission president’s wife at the Columbia River Temple. Josh is on the back row on the far left. For more details of his experiences, see this blog.

Kami Walker

Bishopric – October 2018

So many things are happening in our Ward. We just had Brenton Johansen leave for Bogota, Colombia to serve his mission and we had Tyler Jessee come back from a mission in Seoul, South Korea. In October, Trent Seely is coming home from the California Redlands mission, Spencer Applegarth is returning from Sierra Leone and Kevin Johansen is preparing to leave for the Cincinnati Ohio mission. There’s been so many missionaries going out and coming home, we are considering a church calling just to update our Missionary Wall in the foyer. I’d like to add, Kevin Johansen and Preston Condie have both earned their Eagle Award and will be recognized on the 21st of October at a Court of Honor. The parents of the 4th Ward can be proud of their sons and daughters and we’d like to recognize them for their teaching of correct Gospel principles and the examples they continue to be. We’ve also had several new families move into our Ward.  Just this summer, we’ve had Wes and Trish Power and family, Ben and Donnell Johansen and family, Tyler and Shelby Eliason and family, Chris and Jennifer McIff and family, Nate and Meridee Moffett and family, and Joe and Liz Dixon and family. Let’s all extend that hand of fellowship and welcome them into the 4th Ward.

Our theme for the month of October is Prophets; which is appropriate considering we have General Conference this month when we will be able to hear President Russell M. Nelson and other General Authorities and Presidencies deliver messages of inspiration and guidance. There will be sessions both Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 and 2:00. The general women’s session will be on Saturday at 6:00 P.M.  As with prior Conferences, it’s important to prepare ourselves and our families to be inspired.  Without fail, it seems there’s always at least one speaker who seems to be speaking directly to me. Their talk resonates, and not only answers my prayers, but strengthens my testimony in the Gospel.

Finally, just a reminder of our Fall Social on October 24th. We will have soups and bread for our dinner and afterwards a “Trunk or Treat” for the kids so make sure you wear your best Halloween costume … without a mask.  Brother and Sister McClellan will be passing around sign-up sheets for your favorite soup or chili and the Bishopric will bring Terrell’s famous brownies.  In conjunction with the dinner, we’re going to have our annual Cub Scout cake auction which funds our Cub Scout program for the year. There will also be cupcakes and goodies for sale for those who wish to purchase them.

Brothers and Sisters, the Lord loves you and will sustain you in all your righteous endeavors. May we allow the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, to work in our behalf and may we stay true to the covenants we have made with Him, ensuring that the Spirit of the Lord will abide with us, to guide us and keep us on the Covenant Path.

Bishopric 1st Counselor Brother Gunderson

Eliason – Prophets

Hey everyone! We are Tyler, Shelby, Deklan (5), Myla (3), and Cohen (9mo) Eliason. We moved in to the ward this summer ALL THE WAY from 100N Mt Pleasant. We moved 2 blocks south in to the Finks Dorm at Wasatch Academy.

Tyler – I’m a Dorm Parent and a filmmaker. I run a commercial video business with a partner out of SLC. I love making movies, playing drums, and doing just about anything outdoors. I served a mission in northern Paraguay.

Shelby – Girls Volleyball Coach at Wasatch Academy. She played college Softball at Snow and Volleyball at Weber. She loves adventures of all kinds and loves being a mom! She was about to go on a mission…but then I married her!

Deklan – Loves riding his bike, fishing with Dad, watching movies and playing outside with his cousins.

Myla – Loves riding her bike, fishing with Dad, dressing fancy, and playing with her cousins.

Cohen – THE happiest, most content baby of all time.

We’re so happy to be here and have felt at home here in the ward since day one!

We were asked to write a little something about Prophets. We truly believe that God chose Joseph Smith to be the first prophet in this last dispensation. We are so blessed to live in a time when we are given direction from God’s mouthpiece today, Russell M. Nelson. We love and support him to the fullest. We anxiously await to hear what Heavenly Father has revealed to him when he addresses us in General Conference this month.

Mosiah 3:13 And the Lord God hath sent his holy prophets among all the children of men, to declare these things to every kindred, nation, and tongue, that thereby whosoever should believe that Christ should come, the same might receive remission of their sins, and rejoice with exceedingly great joy, even as though he had already come among them.

2 Nephi 9:2 That he has spoken unto the Jews, by the mouth of his holy prophets, even from the beginning down, from generation to generation, until the time comes that they shall be restored to the true church and fold of God; when they shall be gathered home to the lands of their inheritance, and shall be established in all their lands of promise.

Tyler & Shelby Eliason

Elder Applegarth – October 2018

Sierra Leone Freetown Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

Spencer is serving his final month as a missionary.  He will return on October 31st. The Applegarth family has had so many blessings because of Spencer’s service. We are so excited to see him and are anxiously awaiting the 31st. We are also going to miss his service as a missionary. Thanks to the members of the Mount Pleasant fourth ward for all your love and support over the past two years.

Spencer is still in Moyamba. He is really enjoying serving the people of Sierra Leone. He continues to have a lot of success in teaching and the branch in Moyamba has steadily grown during Spencer’s service there. Spencer has become quite the butcher as he has butchered a deer that he bought at the market and this past week he butchered a pig. The members of the branch help and then they all share in a nice meal. I guess his Sanpete roots are coming out in Africa. Here is an excerpt from Spencer’s last e-mail:

We had an amazing baptism this week! We were able to dunk 3 amazing people down at the river.  As always the spirit was so strong as they came out of the water and their confirmation was just as spiritual.  There is no better feeling as a missionary than to see the people that you love and cherish so much do what the Lord wants them to do! So all in all a dang good week! Loving the work out here. Missionary work is the best no doubt about that!

Paul Applegarth

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Sister Hafen – October 2018

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Hermana Hafen is doing well! She has now been in Paraguay for 6 weeks and is loving it! She is loving the missionary life and the opportunity she has had to share the gospel! Here is a few of the things she has shared with us in her emails home:

Some facts!

  1. We don’t knock or ring doorbells we simply clap, sometimes I clap a tune hahaha
  2. Every female you greet you greet with 1 kiss on each cheek
  3. A bollo is like a donut, and this little cart goes around town with a song saying Bollo! Mil a bollo!!!!!
  4. The currency is in millions
  5. The siesta time is from 1 to 3 everyday, nobody answers to us, haha, even the dogs have a siesta!
  6. I’m like the ward pianist, and everyone wants me to teach them so the branch president asked me to do a class on Wednesday nights; soooo I’ll let you know how that goes lol!

This week has been really good! The work is good here in Concepcion! We work out in a place called Redencion a lot. It’s a very poor area, but the people there are just looking for something that brings joy to their life and that’s the gospel! The weather here is like Utah weather. It’s freezing then it’s so hot with the humidity then it’s freezing again!! But it’s all good, except nobody lets you in if it’s cold or they don’t come to church if it’s cold, but Heavenly Father has given me much success these first 5 weeks being in Paraguay! The people here are so accepting and the gospel is such a simple message for all!  They really do feel the spirit!!! We met a new girl named Gloria and when we met her, she didn’t tell us until after the lesson, she told us that she’s seen us many times the last 3 weeks and wanted to call after us but didn’t… She was hoping that we would come to her house, and so we did! We just felt like we should go to this certain house and we found her! She’s awesome!

We had my first baptism yesterday. It was supposed to be last Sunday but Liz’s mom didn’t come last Sunday and Liz wanted her there. We postponed the baptism and her mom said she’d come but she didn’t come again this week. Liz said she just wanted to get it done because she’s been waiting!! It did turn out great, though we only had like 9 people there. The best part was when she came up out of the waters of baptism with the biggest smile. It literally brought me to tears!! She was so happy! Afterwards she just kept saying she felt so good! For the closing song we sang her favorite song which is La luz de la verdad. She sang so loud, it was a beautiful baptism and she was happy. I couldn’t even sing the song the spirit was so powerful! We were her first missionaries. She’s grown so much and she’s been so happy with the gospel in her life!

LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU! Thanks for all the emails and support and prayers!


Hermana Hafen

Angie Hafen

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Sister Jorgensen – October 2018

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr North Little Rock AR 72116

Transfers were this week. Sister Jorgensen is staying in Millington TN. She is super excited. Here is part of her email this past week.

This week I’ve been reminded how much Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. We have to pray like everything depends on the Lord then we have to get up off our knees and work like everything depends on us.

Have a blessed week!

Staci Jorgensen

Elder Olson – October 2018

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everyone!

Another week has come and gone. We had our first baptism on Saturday. That was such an amazing experience. The woman had gone on and asked for missionaries to come teach her. She did everything the missionaries asked of her. The commandments that we teach that usually put people off, like tithing and the Word of Wisdom, she absolutely loved and followed without question. It was incredible to see such a strong testimony be built in four weeks. She found out that her mother was a member, and she is now trying everything to spread the gospel. She is such an incredible person!

Spiritual Thought: We have been teaching a man who really struggles with the idea of a living prophet. I have a strong testimony of the prophet, and it saddens me whenever he talks about it. The way I see it, the scriptures are a map to heaven. However, they are a map that was written 2,000 years ago. We need the prophet to guide us through all the new things that have come up since then. If I had a 2,000 year old map to California, I could get mostly there, but there are too many things that have sprung up since then to be effective. I encourage all of you to watch or listen to General Conference and listen for the teachings that we need to know now that wouldn’t have been needed 2,000 years ago.

New Zealand is absolutely beautiful, and I feel so great to be here.

We also had MTC Exchanges this week. It was great being the one who actually knew what was going on. We tracted for most of the day, but we had some good experiences.

Trevor Olson

Elder Walker – October 2018

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 S 16th Ave Yakima, WA 98902

I gave my first blessing this week. There is a family in our ward (they’re actually our recent converts and are super awesome!). They are going through some hard times and having some family issues, so we went over with the bishop and sat down and talked with them and then afterward gave them a blessing. It was stressful, but it was cool.

We went to the dog shelter again this week and walked some dogs, the first set we walked were 4 puppies that were super cute but didn’t know how to walk on a leash, so it just turned into us dragging them as a group along. But the next set we did was much better. I found a huge Husky who was super chill and walked by my side the whole time. Towards the end of the walk I ran with her for a little ways and it was satisfying on a primal level.

We had transfer calls on Saturday. We got a call, but no leadership calls were extended which is usually the only reason you get a call. But we found out later that president just forgot, and my companion is getting made a district leader in Wenachee. He’s pretty shook-up about it. It’s funny. But I am leaving and getting a new trainer. I’m getting sent to Selah a place called Naches. I have heard good things about the area and there are mountains there, so I’m happy. I miss the mountains. There aren’t any here in Moses Lake, but I’m sad to leave. We have some awesome members here. We have transfers on Wednesday.

We did some service and had some really good steak so that’s cool!

Joshua Walker