Service Story

I signed up to clean the church one Saturday in April and little did I know that doing that service would change my life.  I had recently purchased my Grandma’s house, and I was finally able to have access to all the rooms in the basement. I was working on trying to get my basement cleaned and finished so I could move the kids down there.  My first step was to enlarge the windows so it didn’t seem like such a dark and gloomy hole.  I needed help with that and couldn’t seem to find anyone until the Saturday when I went to clean the church.  Kevin and his mom were also there cleaning, and I told his mom about my dilemma. She introduced me to Kevin, and he said he could help.   He unselfishly gave of his time and talents and helped me with my house.  It was the beginning of a great friendship that became more—a marriage.  Kevin came into my kids’ and my life just when we needed him. He has been an example of service and love for both my kids and me.

-Amy Watts


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