At Christmastime, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and we do many things that are symbolic of his long-prophesied coming to earth. We read the story of his birth in the bible, of Mary and Joseph, of the journey to Bethlehem, of the manger, the angels singing, the shepherds coming to see Him, the wise men and King Herod, and then the little family’s escape to Egypt.

In our family, we have a little nativity that we get out that our kids have played with over and over since they were tiny and also a nativity puzzle that has been put together ten thousand times or more. I marvel at how good it makes me feel every time I see those worn toys come out of the big Christmas box, the many memories that flood my mind, the peace that fills my soul, and the love fills my heart. I know that Jesus came to this earth, He lived a perfect life, and He showed us the way to gain eternal lives, how we should love one another, and how we can return to our father in Heaven. And so, every year at this time, I find myself humming Happy Birthday to the little wooden babe in the manger.

-John McClellan


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