Elder & Sister Chapman

The Chapmans are my wife’s aunt and uncle who are currently serving a temple mission in Nauvoo. They are part of the Spring City 1st Ward and the owners of The Osborne Inn. These are an update that they sent me, Brother Zundel, about their mission and experiences I found interesting that I decided to share it with you.

Sister Chapman and I have been asked to present the 12 principles of self-reliance to the Hannibal Branch. At first it was to be a separate Sunday School class, but then right before our first lesson, the Branch Presidency decided that all should attend, so we are teaching everyone who can come. The branch has been struggling and the Branch Presidency felt impressed to present this new program. While it has been a challenge for us to commit to travel 90min each way every Sunday, we have been blessed and we see how the entire branch has as well. We are all learning together the simple principles of how to become self-reliant in all aspects of our lives.  We just presented principle 7 today. You can download the handbook we are using on-line. There is a video that goes with each chapter which are very cute and excellent. The Branch President bore his testimony of the program and thanked us for teaching it, when he had a few minutes left in Sacrament meeting. Also he mentioned how much he had been learning. We all have room to grow.

There were some GREAT talks today on Self-Reliance. 2 sisters gave them. The first talk was on spiritual self-reliance. She told a true story about a young man who was a diligent church goer and he left home to join the army. Several weeks go by and his dad calls a general authority because his son has not gone to church. The young man says no one has invited him to go. There are bulletins posted, chaplain has info, but this guy chose to sit on his bunk, head on pillow and feet up, waiting for an invitation. Was he self-reliant? The other speaker talked about her goal driven life from a young age (which I think is a great attribute). How she came to have the job that she has now, was not an easy road! (Anything worthwhile is usually NOT easy! right?) But, she kept pressing forward and being humble. I really liked what she said about adversity. She learned to “Take a breath-the Lord is teaching me again.” Be dependent on God. Then President Gibbons asked 2 youth to bear their testimonies. (I thought that was pretty bold! where else can you do that just cold like that?) One was a girl about 16, she told how grateful she was that she got to visit her grandmother for a month in June. She had the most fun then she ever had.(I thought wow, wish my grandkids would say that about me one day!!) She has lots of extended family in UT and had felt so alone out in Hannibal. But she came back and realized that she actually missed her immediate family and friends and living in Hannibal wasn’t so bad. The next was a young man about 16, whose dad died suddenly about a month ago. He is the oldest child in the family. He said that even though his dad died he felt strengthened by the spirit and realized that everything was going to We gave our lesson, principle #7, Become One, Work Together. These lessons are really simple but effective if you apply them into your own unique life. “When we work together cooperatively, we can accomplish anything. When we do so, we eliminate the weakness of one person standing alone and substitute the strength of many serving together.” President Monson It sparked so much discussion that we were crunched for time. We are to practice: -Help your family increase in unity and work together. -Talk to people who are self reliant. Ask what people or resources helped them. (People love to be asked how they made it!) Ask if they will mentor you! -Go to 3 places in your community that have resources to help you become more self-reliant. Write down the services they can provide. Start to use them!! I thought wow, such simple, but great ideas! These come at a timely point in our lives as we are soon returning from our mission and are thinking about our next step. For me these self-reliance steps are a foundation for the rest of my life. I love them!!! We learn so much in the temple on a daily basis. It is difficult to express so I won’t! I don’t want it to become commonplace.


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