Family Sabbath

As our family has grown, we have looked to see the things that we can do to better keep the Sabbath day holy.

Here are a few of our ideas. We try not to watch television on Sunday unless it is a church- based program or videos about the Savior. We  ask the children not to go online except to or to do genealogy. We want to fill Sunday with things that would honor the Savior and learning to think of and serve others. We do our best to fill some of the time with genealogy and stories of our ancestors.

As our children grow, they must choose for themselves, but we can give them patterns to follow. Hopefully, they will build family traditions that will bless their families also. We know that we have received many blessings from obeying the law of the Sabbath.

There is a highway that runs alongside of our home; everyday it is very busy and loud. We do notice on Sunday that the road is quiet. We liken that to the fact that on every other day of the week, our lives are very busy with worldly things. On the Sabbath, our lives and attitudes should be different and special, more quiet and reverent.

-Todd and Angie Jorgensen Family


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