Scriptures, Manuals, and Books

Have you ever needed to get a new set of scriptures because yours look like they are a rainbow with all the highlighting, underlining, and notes? Have you ever been asked to teach or sub a class, and not had the manual? Have you ever prepared a talk or a lesson and wished you could get all your quotes in one place? has powerful tools that you can access from anywhere to help you with these problems, and many more! On the website you go to the icon in the upper right corner, like you would if you were accessing the Ward Directory or this newsletter, and press Notes (second to last option in the My Account section). Once you have logged in it will take you to a page with 5 options across the top; Scriptures and Study, Families and Individuals, Share the Gospel, Inspiration and News, and Serve and Teach. The Scriptures and Study tab gives you access to all the standard works, as well as giving links to the words of modern Prophets – such as General Conference, and more. Families and Individuals gives you links for/about Family Home Evening and doctrine about Families; as well as resources for Young Adults, Youth, and Children. Share the Gospel has missionary resources. Inspiration and News lets you access Magazines, General Conference, Music, Church News, Social Media, and more. Serve and Teach has resources for every opportunity to teach, and includes a link to the Media Library where you can not only find all the manuals for every class – but also lots of audio, video, and picture supplements to help your students learn. The best part, in my opinion, is that all this content is available off-line in an app for Android and i-Phone called Gospel Library. With this app you don’t need to haul around several volumes of scripture and a couple lesson manuals each Sunday for classes, it is all in you pocket on a device you would keep on you anyway. Once you have downloaded content to the app it is available to you anywhere anytime you have that device. One of the most useful, and powerful, tools with all of this is the ability to have personal highlights, bookmarks, journals, notes, and cross references – that if used with your account you can have access to no matter what device or computer you use. To highlight on a computer click and drag over the section you want highlighted and a menu will pop-up that will let you personalize it, like change its color or add notes. To highlight on a mobile device long press on a word and the menu will change from general tools to highlighting tools, then you can drag your stylus(usually your finger) to highlight the desired passage. One of the most under used feature of this system is the notebook and journal section. The first page that we visited, Notes, has a menu on the left side that the first option says NOTEBOOKS. By default it only has one entry “unassigned”, but there is a plus sign next to NOTEBOOKS that will let you add more. Once you have a notebook you can add highlights and journal entries to it. If you have trouble finding a pen and writing in a traditional journal, but could remember to jot down a quick note each time you plugged in your phone before bed, this could be very useful for you. It is also a great way to keep a study journal as you read and highlight your scriptures. What I have found this is most useful for is preparing talks. I can gather quotes and then add them to a notebook, then add journal entries with what I want to say, and I can even reorder things once they are all in the notebook. As I have used these tools they have helped me out immensely in my gospel study, callings and assignments, and overall Sunday/church experience. Next month’s Tech-Talk will be about how to use the tools we have been discussing for the last 2 months on a daily basis. I will also help you effectively use your time in the car, like a daily commute.


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