Relief Society Activity

Well, I did not get any responses about what interests or would help you in this section. I will give a brief recap of an activity I participated in last month. There has been a concern recently that people don’t understand or are unable to use the tools available on In response, the Relief Society had an evening of Technology and Hot Cocoa. It started with Brother Sanders, the Sunday School President, going over how to use technology while teaching. He showed us how to use the TVs available, and how to hook things up to them. He showed us how to download movies and play them directly off external hard drives or thumb drives. Then Shelby Jorgensen, who teaches the Family History class 2nd hour, showed us how to log on to Family Tree and some of the many changes the church has made there. She ended by showing us several 3rd party programs/apps that work directly with Family Tree and make the work much easier. Then Sister Rosier, the Relief Society Secretary, gave us a brief introduction to all the apps the church has developed for phones and tablets. After a short break to dive into the Hot Cocoa bar – which had a lot of mints, caramels, cookies, and chocolate – I gave a presentation on the ward section of Much of it was the information that I have been giving you in the previous Tech-Talks, but I went a bit more in-depth on how to edit your profile in the Ward Directory and explained how to use the Donation, Ward Calendar, Lesson Schedule, and Newsletter sections. It was a great evening that hopefully helped some of the Sisters:)


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