October is a great time of year, with the leaves changing, football, volleyball, tennis, and soccer games to attend, and the mountains to enjoy.  We as a bishopric are grateful for this beautiful Sanpete valley.  We are grateful for the Mount Pleasant 4th ward family.  We are grateful for all the love and support we receive from each of you.  This month is particularly exciting for my family as Spencer leaves to go on his mission to Sierra Leone Freetown mission.  What a great opportunity for Spencer and for our family.  As a family we are feeling nervous and a little worried, but we are excited. We know that Spencer will be blessed as he serves.  We know that our family will receive blessings because of Spencer’s service.  We as a family have a testimony of service.  The theme in sacrament meeting this month is service.  I want each of you to know that I’m happiest when I’m serving others.  I look at all the opportunities my father in heaven gives me to serve, and those are the areas of my life that mean the most to me.  Starting with my family, when I put my wife Kathryn first, I’m happy.  My kids have provided me with opportunities to serve.  They have all required a great deal of sacrifice, but the return on investment is a great deal of happiness.  They fill Kathryn and my life with incredible joy.  I have enjoyed my church callings over the years and know that when I’m magnifying my callings, I’m happy.  As we serve each other, we are blessed with strong relationships and the satisfaction that can only come from service.  I’m grateful for this gospel and for all that it requires.  I love Jesus Christ and his example of the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate service.  As the gospel requires a great deal of service from each of us, in return it becomes the most important thing in our lives.

-Bishop Applegarth


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