Sister Barbara Honey

First Couples Mission, 1991-1992 Sister Barbara Honey and her husband Leon went on a mission to the San Paolo, Brazil mission where her brother was the Mission President. They sold their home in order to be able to go on that mission. There were also many miracles that transpired that allowed them to go.

Brother Honey was the financial secretary, and Sister Honey was the executive secretary. Their whole mission was spent in the office. They learned Portuguese and were in that mission for a year and a half. Sister Honey took care of the missionary information board, wrote transfer letters, and helped write letters from the Mission President to the parents of missionaries.

One of the interesting things that happened on the mission was that Brother Honey was asked to take all of his piano tuning tools with him to Brazil, and once there, he tuned all of the pianos in the San Paolo mission. He had the skill, and the local people would have had no way of getting the pianos tuned otherwise because of the expense. Sister Honey said that the traffic in San Paolo was wild. If there wasn’t room on the side of the road where people were driving, they would cross into the lanes for oncoming traffic to go forward! She never drove–she was the navigator and used a guide book to help find the way around the mission district.

Sister Honey enjoyed the missionaries. She also enjoyed the flowers in San Paolo, where there were “bougainvilleas that were every shade of color you can imagine.”

Second Couples Mission, 2000-2002 Sister and Brother Honey went together on their second mission to the Denver Colorado South Mission. They were in Woodland Park, Colorado the whole time. She said it was beautiful there at 8,000 foot elevation.

The mission in Colorado was strictly a proselyting mission. Sister Honey remembers one family in particular with which they used pictures to teach the lessons to a nine-year-old boy. Eventually, the whole family returned to church. She also remembers a woman who had had a stroke. She and Brother Honey used to read the Book of Mormon with her. Eventually, they were able to go to the Temple with her when she went for the first time.

Many miracles happened along the way throughout the time of their mission. One was when they really needed more money and Sister Honey’s sister-in-law sent $1,000 to help them. Sister Honey felt really blessed by that.

Sister Honey loved her missions–she has very fond memories of those times in her life


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