Elder Applegarth – Jan 2017

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Sierra Leone Freetown

He has enjoyed his first full month in Sierra Leone. He has experienced things in the past month that only a missionary experiences. It was great to speak with Spencer for Christmas. He is teaching a lot and is working on retaining people. He mentioned that one of the biggest challenges in the mission is keeping people active. Spencer mentioned that in one of the wards in Freetown, the Bishop was less active. Tough ward if even the bishop is less active.

One of the highlights for Spencer is the kids. The kids love Spencer and his companion because they don’t see many white guys in Spencer’s area. As he walks through a neighborhood the kids will say “hello”. Spencer and his companion reply “hello”. Then the kids will respond with “hello”, this exchange will happen until Spencer is out of sight, he said he can still hear the kids yelling “hello” even though he is several blocks away. Spencer also enjoys playing soccer with the kids. He said every kid in Sierra Leone plays soccer, as he is walking down the street he will often jump into a soccer game with the kids. Spencer said they love that an American with a white shirt and tie will jump in and play with them.

Soccer is really important to the people in Sierra Leone. Spencer recently played in a big game on his Preparation day, where the missionaries played against some of the members. Both teams were given uniforms and everything.

We are grateful for Spencer’s willingness to serve. It is clear to everyone in our family that we are being blessed because of Spencer’s calling as a missionary.



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