Family Tithing

In 1995 Angie decided to go back to church making sure our kids were brought up with good standards. At this time I was still offended and wanted nothing to do with any of it, so I did not participate. We had our struggles on and off just like any other marriage would have about money, what to do for entertainment purposes. Money always seemed to be a factor, there just was never enough for what we wanted to do. So we did like everyone else, play first then pay the bills with what was left, didn’t work out so well. So we decided to switch up who paid the bills. So one of us would pay for a while, and then the other would pay for a while, that way we both knew where the money went, not to mention getting a break from all the stress of paying the bills. No matter how hard we tried or which part of the year, it seemed like there just wasn’t enough money to go around.

In 1998 the brains of our outfit came up with this idea of paying tithing, yeah right, we don’t have enough to pay our bills and you want to give ten percent to the church, that by the way offended me back in the 80’s. Yeah still wasn’t over it. Well Angie started paying our tithing and low and behold what happened. It was a miracle, we were able to survive with what we had. We have not missed the money that we pay in tithing. And the blessings have never stopped. We have a wonderful home, healthy kids, (even Braden as many times as he has been to the hospital and can still function with all the breaks and sprains), best of all we were able to pay the hospital bills, we have our own business and everything else we need. This life lesson has helped me grow in the ward and the church.

-Jeff Parish


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