How to use This Site

As you can see we have moved to a new website. I will use this article to go through the various features of the new page. The page has 2 menus, one across the top and one down the right side. I will start with the top menu, and go through the options from right to left. The first option is Contact. When this is clicked you are taken to a page where you can write an email to me with any questions, concerns, and comments. If you use this option make sure to fill in the spot for your email so I can message you back. The next thing on the top menu says If you hover over that tab 2 other options will drop down, Calendar and Directory. If you click it will take you to the front page of If you click Calendar, it will take you to the Ward/Stake Calendar on If you click Directory, it will take you to the Ward Directory on Remember when you are redirected to the Calendar and Directory you will need to log into To the left of the option is Articles. If you hover over Articles a dropdown will appear with all the categories. If you want to see material just for the Relief Society, Inspirational quotes, Missionary updates, etc. just click on the category you want in that dropdown or on the top of the menu down the right side of the page. The last option to the left on the top menu is Main. If this option is clicked it doesn’t matter what page you are on you will be taken back to the main page that has the last 10 posts I have put up and instructions on the bottom how to logon to and how to use this site.

On the right side of all the pages is another menu. This one has links to each of the categories, as just mentioned, and several tools to help you fully utilize this sight. The first tool, after the links to the categories, says Follow Blog via Email. If you click the Follow button it let you get email updates whenever I add content. Next tool is RSS Feed. If you use a RSS reader you can subscribe to either updates to the post or new comments with the links provided. The next tool is Top Post and Pages. If you click on the title of an article you want to read you will be taken to a page with the full article. Under the article are options to share the post with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+; under these links is another with a star that says Like. The tool on the right toolbar that says Top Post and Pages will list the 5 articles that have the most Likes. Next tool says Recent Comments. If you look at each of the posts there are 2 icons under each. The one on the left looks like a speech bubble if you click it you can look at the comments that others have made on that post, and you can type a comment of your own to tell others your thoughts on that article. The Recent Comments section of the right toolbar will show the last 10 comments that were posted. The last tool on the right toolbar says Views. This is a counter of how many times people have visited the page. So as you see this number go up you know that other people are reading the same things you are!

I hope you like this new site I have set up for your use. If you have any suggestions, use the contact tab 🙂

-Calvin Zundel


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