Tech-Talk Feb 2017

Thank you to all who read this section. One of the great things about this new website we are now using is it helps me see what is actually being looked at, and what is not. We had 95 people visit the website last month but only 3 people looked at this section, even after I put in the monthly email that it had useful information. There are several sections, which have considerable time and effort put into them, which are in the same boat. At the end of this month if any section has less than 10 views I will not publish it anymore, unless I am specifically contacted that someone finds it enjoyable or makes comments on its post. I am trying to make this publication enjoyable and useful to you, my readers. The best way for me to know what you need and want is for you to comment on, or like, posts. Please help me to make this the most inspiring newsletter.

Here is a list of sections they may be removed.

  • Relief Society (3 views)
  • Priesthood (2 views)
  • Youth (1 views)
  • Primary (0 views)
  • TechTalk (3 views)

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