The Miracle of Forgiveness

The theme for the month of February is the miracle of forgiveness.  My favorite aspect of the gospel is the idea of forgiveness.  What a great concept.  The belief that no matter what we do or how bad we mess up, we can overcome.  I know that forgiveness is real, I have felt it in my life.  Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can overcome all things.  As we overcome small things and big things we become a little better, a little more like our Savior.  This idea, the idea of eternal progression, is so important.  I love the eternal nature of the atonement, the only limiting factor is us.  The only thing that can keep us from reaching our potential is if we choose not to implement the atonement in either seeking forgiveness or forgiving someone else.  I’m grateful for this gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’m grateful for the hope that it brings into the lives of me, my family, and everyone in the Mount Pleasant 4th Ward.  I know that all of us can enjoy the blessings that come from the miracle of forgiveness.  The blessings that bring us hope and happiness.

Bishop Applegarth


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