Site Updates – March 2017

This month has brought a few changes and additions to this site 🙂 There were several sections that were not being read (Inspirational Thoughts for Priesthood/Relief Society/ Youth , TechTalk, and the coloring pages/FHE ideas in the Primary section). I will not remove the posts that are already up, but I will not be adding to these sections. It was brought to my attention that some of the Archive links were broken, I have fixed/checked each one. I have also made it so if you click Archive in the top menu, under Articles, it will take you to the site I am storing those backup copies – so you can have easier access to them. I have also added a new section Teaching for our Times, it will not be published with the rest of the articles on the 1st. Follow this link to read the fist post that has more information.

On a side note I am noticing that not many people are reading the articles that are not directly on the front page. Since only 3 people, out of the 70 or so that have visited this site, read the TechTalk  where I explained how to use this site you may not be using the “Older Posts” button on the bottom of each page. Each page only loads the last 10 articles posted in that section, to see any others you will need to press the “Older Posts” button on the bottom of the page. Each month I post at least 15 articles, so not all the new posts will be on the front page. If you are ever having difficultly using/navigating this site please email me at or call 717-668-4930

Brother Zundel


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