Book Highlight – Mister Rodgers

As you saw last month this section is dedicated to good clean books, preferably by Christian Authors, but not necessarily Church History like last months selection. If you do read one of these Highlighted Books please post a comment with your feelings and reactions. If you have a book that you would like to highlight, so that others can enjoy it as much as you do, please contact me by phone or email 🙂

This month I would like to highlight the author of “The World According to Mister Rodgers: Important Things to Remember”, “You Are Special: Neighborly Wit and Wisdom From Mister Rodgers”, “The Mister Rodgers’ Parenting Book: Helping to Understand Your Young Child”, “Mister Rodgers Talks with Parents”, “Mister Rodgers Playbook”, and many many more – Fred Rogers. I recently watched a 3 hour documentary about him entitled “Fred Rogers, America’s Favorite Neighbor”, which is available at the Mt. Pleasant Public Library. It is amazing how he dedicated his life to helping people communicate and express their feelings. He was a minister and shared his simple faith with millions over the 50 years in television, 35 of them on PBS. He believed that what children watch on TV helps shape who they are which he expressed in his acceptance speech when he was inducted into the TV Hall of Fame entitled “Fame is a 4 Letter Word”. In a world where family values are becoming increasingly hard to find we need more people like Fred Rogers.




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