Elder Applegarth – Mar 2017

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Sierra Leone Freetown

Spencer is doing great.  He has been out four months and because of some unusual circumstances in his mission he is in his third area.  He is enjoying serving in the Waterloo section of Freetown.  He is inland about 20 miles or so and it is a little warmer than his other areas.  Spencer continues to adjust to Africa and has gotten so he likes most of the food.  He is still trying to adjust to the hot and humid conditions.  His companion joined the church three years ago in Ghana.  His companion was in a significant automobile accident last August as a missionary and has fully recovered. He is an inspiration to Spencer.

Spencer continues to love the people of Sierra Leone.  He is grateful for how kind everyone is.  He particularly loves the kids.  The kids are so beautiful and they are always happy.   In his last letter he said there was a group of kids that were pointing at him because he is white.  Spencer’s companion told him to run at the kids and see what they would do.  Spencer started running and he said all the kids scattered except for one, who was so scared he fell on the ground and started to cry.  Spencer said when he got to the kid and began laughing all the other kids came out of their hiding places and wanted to touch and hug him.  Any place where the kids all want to touch and hug you must be a great place.

Spencer continues to teach a lot of discussions and is having quite a bit of success.  He is working on speaking Krio; even though he understands it he struggles speaking it.  The biggest issue continues to be retaining converts and helping to strengthen his existing branch.  He hopes he can spend several months in Waterloo.  He loves his companion, loves the branch he is serving in, and is grateful for all the love and support he receives from the Mount Pleasant 4th Ward.

Bishop Applegarth


One thought on “Elder Applegarth – Mar 2017

  1. I love reading about Elder Applegarth missionary experience. It puts me where I thought I never miss, and that is serving as a missionary.


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