Elder Ison – Mar 2017

Montana Billings Mission Office Address 1848 Rimrock Rd Billings MT 59102

He is currently serving in Missoula and absolutely loves the area.  He is serving as Zone Leader right now and loves the opportunity to serve the missionaries as well as work closely with President and Sister Wadsworth.  This week he was able to speak at Zone conference and was grateful for the experience.  A little piece of his email today I felt would be good to share…

We need to show Heavenly Father that he is our God, do we really Love him enough to put him first in all aspects of our life?

We know the Plan our Father has for us, he Loves us more than anything. And all he wants is for us to return to live with him again someday. Do we Love him enough to put him first? I know that as we do we will be Sanctified and Sealed and can return to him, and that we will find true, joy, peace and happiness. I know this is God’s work and Glory, that he Loves us, and that this is the true church and that if we live the principles we are taught in the Gospel we can achieve all happiness and joy. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

He was also very grateful that he was able to see Sister Kendall from the ward who happened to be in Missoula for work and walked into the same restaurant that the missionaries were eating at.

Kristie Ison



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