Elder Jorgensen – Mar 2017

North Carolina Raleigh Mission Office Address 5060 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 27609-4428

I want to share an experience with you I had when I was younger.  My dad and I had saddled up our horses and headed out on a ride in the hills by our house.  It was a cold morning and the sun was just coming up!  I was all bundled up in 2 sweat shirts, a coat and gloves and was still just freezing riding my horse Buck!  As we were going my horse Buck got itchy and stopped and shook, I wasn’t hanging on and fell right off!  Good thing I was wearing all those coats, it made the landing softer 😉  My dad saw and came running back to make sure I was okay.  As soon as he found out I wasn’t hurt he said “well get back on let’s go!”  He threw me back on and we finished the ride.

As I look back on this experience I learned a valuable life lesson: don’t be easily defeated!  At times on the mission it feels like we fall off and hit the ground when we are out tracting and people don’t want to listen, or when investigators don’t keep commitments.  But the key is don’t be easily defeated!  If they don’t want to listen, or do the things they need to find out that the gospel is true go find someone who will!  As we are out teaching fight hard to give them the opportunity to accept the truth.  Teach and testify boldly of the truthfulness of the gospel, but if they don’t accept don’t let that effect you. Get back on the path to find the elect and let’s go baptize!

Elders and Sisters we only have 18 months to 2 years to be here in North Carolina to find, teach, and baptize the people Heavenly Father is preparing for us!  Stay positive!!  Don’t get caught feeling discouraged, or down because people don’t want to listen. I promise you that there are families here in your area that are searching for the happiness and the peace that the gospel brings. Heavenly Father is preparing them to receive you.  So get back up and get back on your feet, bikes, and cars. Let’s go reach the goal of bringing 600 of our Heavenly Father’s children closer to Him through baptism!  I know that this gospel is true!  Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God and Jesus Christ’s church has been restored here on the earth today!  Let’s go tell everyone about it!! LET’S DO IT!!

 Elder Jorgensen


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