Elder Applegarth – May 2017

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Sierra Leone Freetown

Spencer has hit his sixth month mark.  In his last letter he shared with us how easy it is to love the people in Sierra Leone.  Spencer says that everybody is friendly.  They always have a kind word.  Even if they are not interested in learning about the church, they are a polite and kind people.  Spencer has learned a lot from this kindness and hopes that when he returns to the USA that he is able to bring that culture back with him.  Spencer has several baptisms coming up this month.  He has been working hard and because of the great people that he teaches, they are ready to receive the gospel.  He continues to serve with a missionary from Ghana.  He also lives with two elders that are the zone leaders.  They are both from Nigeria.  Spencer is really starting to enjoy the food in Sierra Leone.  He wasn’t much of a rice eater when he was home, but now he really loves rice.  The month of May will start the Rainy Season in Sierra Leone.  He goes from no rain, to an average of 6 inches in May and then it escalates to an average of 20+ inches each month during the summer.  The mission home has issued him rubber boots.  With the roads being dusty today, soon they will all be one big mud puddle.  He is excited to see the rainy season, he says he is ready for a change from the dry heat that he has experienced over the past six months.

We have enjoyed the pictures Spencer has sent us.  We have been fascinated that the people in Sierra Leone carry everything on their head.  Spencer has tried to imitate this while doing service, I guess it is easier than carrying things with your arms?  Spencer points out that there a lot of people that carry some heavy loads on their head.  The mission has made a huge impact on Spencer’s life and although the past six months have been a challenge, he loves what he is doing and is looking forward to the next 18 months.

Bishop Applegarth



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