Bishop – Study

June is a great time of year for our ward.  The kids are out of school which provides many great opportunities.  Many of our youth and families will participate in the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  Our girls will go to girl’s camp with the Stake.  Our young men will have a camp that they will attend at the end of the month.  Mount Pleasant in June is one of the greatest spots on the planet.  The weather is perfect, the mountain becomes accessible, and the valley is still green.  What a great time to year to celebrate all the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father has blessed us with here in the Sanpete Valley.

This month the theme is Personal Study.  For me and my family, summer is the hardest time to consistently study our scriptures.  Without the routine of school, it is difficult to keep the routine of daily scripture study.  With all the church activities, summer camps, and other activities we as a family will really need to make a conscious effort to schedule our scripture study.  With teenager’s schedules, it can be difficult for family prayer as well.

I know that our family is much happier when we have regular scripture study.  Family prayer brings the spirit into our home.  The effort that it takes to keep the habit of daily scripture study during the summer is well worth the benefits we receive.  I look forward to a great month.  For good weather, good experiences, and the continued spiritual growth that can only come through regular, consistent, personal study.

Bishop Applegarth


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