Book Highlight – Janette Oke: Canadian West

Janette Oke is a prolific Christian fiction author. I have read many of her works, but recently reread a 4 book series that uplifted and enlightened me more than I expected. Set in Canada in the early 1900’s, Beth commences her journey as a somewhat spoiled, wealthy, and cultured young school teacher from the East. She has a vast journey in which she marries and goes with her husband, who is a North West Mounted Policeman (Mountie), to the frontier west.  Because a Mountie is lawman, doctor, dentist, midwife, etc. to the people he serves, Beth has an adjustment as she supports her husband and finds ways to serve her community. Through good times and bad, from the very beginning of the book, Beth illustrates her trust in God and his plan for her life. Sometimes God’s plan is not what she expected or does not make sense to her, but as she continues to have faith and follow that plan, she sees miracles unfold and the purposes God has for her life realized. The 4 books in the series are: When Calls The Heart, When Comes The Spring, When Breaks The Dawn, and When Hope Springs New.

Becky Zundel


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