Bishopric – Prophets

I’m really excited to watch and listen to general conference.  What a great event to be able to listen to the prophets.  It is a busy time of year and easy to miss the opportunity to engage in general conference.  As a young man, I enjoyed going to Priesthood session with my father.  He would always take us out to dinner afterwards.  It became a strong family tradition, one that we really looked forward to.  Now I enjoy going to Priesthood session with my own boys.  It is great to listen to the prophets as a family.  To enjoy the spirit that comes with general conference.  Our Sacrament meeting theme this month is Prophets.  I’m excited to hear our speakers talk about prophets.

We will have another busy month.  On October 25th we will be having our ward fall social.  The cub scouts will bake and decorate cakes to auction at the social.  This is a long-standing tradition in the Mount Pleasant fourth ward, it’s also a great fundraiser and it’s a lot of fun.  There will be trick or treating at the social, so come dressed in your favorite costumes.

This month Ryker Erickson was scheduled to report to the MTC in England.  Unfortunately, he broke his arm in a skateboarding accident, so he will report in a couple of months from now.  Ryker is a great young man and he will do an amazing job as a missionary.  He is following the example of his father and two older brothers, all of whom served foreign missions.  We are excited as a ward to have seven full-time missionaries in the field, when Ryker reports, he will make that eight.

I’m so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’m grateful for the loving members of the Mount Pleasant fourth ward.  I’m grateful for prophets.  I’m grateful for the knowledge that I can learn and progress infinitely.  That I can live with my family forever.  I’m grateful for my Savior.

Bishop Applegarth


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