Sister Ison – November 2017

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

Sister Ison has made it to Vancouver.  She absolutely loved the MTC and although she had some homesickness the first week, she has worked through it and is loving being a missionary.  While in the MTC she had a couple of tender mercies to help her through her homesickness, one of her roomies had played basketball for Snow College so they were excited that they were both Snow players and her other roomie had actually met her brother Elder Ison in Montana so she felt like the Lord had blessed her by them being her roomies.  She was also able to see and talk to my cousin Julene who serves in the MTC and able to give her a big mom hug and reassure that she would be fine.  Her companion at the MTC was sister Young and she loved her.  She made it to Vancouver and was assigned as Sister Phillips trainee.  Sister Phillips is from St. George and Sister Ison loves her to death.  She says she is an awesome trainer and such a sweet person.  They are in the Vancouver area and it is a biking/walking area so they are spending a lot of time in the rain. Sister Ison says it’s so beautiful and green!  They have hit the ground running and have several people they are teaching and a baptism scheduled in November.  She loves Washington and the people there but mostly loves serving her Heavenly Father as a missionary.

Kristie Ison

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