Elder Applegarth – December 2017

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

Spencer continues to enjoy his service as a missionary to the good people of Sierra Leone.  He recently was transferred from Koidu back to Freetown, where he will train a new missionary.  Below is a short excerpt from his last e-mail:

We had an amazing baptism! The other companionship baptized 6 and we baptized 1 so it was a lot of fun! We went to where we were last time and this time we had to ride in the back of a truck and were packed in tight haha. It reminded me a ton of home and going up the mountains! The baptism went really well and everyone loved it! President Moi baptized everyone, so that was cool. On Sunday I got to confirm Isheka a member and give him the gift of The Holy Ghost. That was a really special experience for me! The spirit was just so strong I can’t even explain. It was just awesome. Then we got transfer news. I am getting transferred to Kontoloh in Freetown, and I will be training!! I’m a little bummed that I am leaving Koidu, but I’m pumped that I’m training that will be a ton of fun – but a lot of hard work for sure!  It was super hard to say goodbye to the people in Koidu. Some were even crying. It was so hard but we have done a lot of work in Koidu and it was so much fun to see the branch progress from nothing to what it is now. From going to super apostate to not really any apostasy at all! It has been a good run that’s for sure!  So we will see what the next area brings! Everything else is going good just love being on the lords errand!!

Bishop Applegarth



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