The Center Of Everything Is Christ

Christmas time is an important time of year in the spiritual development of each of us and our families.  What better time of the year is there to get lost in the service of each other and ultimately service to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I look forward to feeling the love of family, friends, and ward members.  I hope I can put others first this time of year and focus on the gift of the happiness and joy of others.  There are so many great examples of service in our ward.  This month we will welcome two missionaries back home.  Elder Austin Ison and Elder Brady Wheeler have successfully served as missionaries for the past two years.  Elder Ison will report to the ward on December 17, Elder Wheeler will report on December 31.  What an exciting time for these two young missionaries and their families.  I’m looking forward to celebrating the completion of this significant act of service with each of them.

This month the theme in Sacrament meeting is Christ.  As we all know the center of everything is Jesus Christ.  My mission president used to say that everything we do, we should do in the name of Jesus Christ.  When we go to work, school, household chores, church, family time, everything can be done in the name of Jesus Christ.  I hope that I can do a little better this month as we celebrate Christmas.

The ward will have a Christmas party on December 20.  We hope that everyone will come and enjoy a brief program from our primary kids, a visit from Santa Claus, good food, and most important the fellowship of ward members.  Enjoy this time of year with your families and friends.

Merry Christmas!

Bishop Applegarth


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