Elder Applegarth – January 2018

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

We enjoyed Skyping with Spencer for Christmas.  We got to speak to him for about an hour and 20 minutes.  We spoke briefly with Sister Clawson, his mission president’s wife, as well as Spencer’s companion.  Spencer’s companion is from Sierra Leone and is waiting for his visa so he can go serve in Mozambique.  The area Spencer is serving in is fairly well developed.  There are two wards that meet in the building and the building is a nice building.

Spencer wanted us to pass on to both Austin Ison and Brady Wheeler a hearty welcome home.  Attached is an excerpt from Spencer’s last e-mail:

We had a baptism this week, the baptism went really well! It was crazy for sure. We got to our baptism font and the water that had been put in the font was pure brown, it was seriously so nasty. We were freaking out because we didn’t really know what to do, but we heard that some other missionaries were holding a baptism as well at the stake center. So I called them as quick as I could and asked them to wait for us.  The stake center isn’t far from our chapel but the problem was that one of my candidates wasn’t there yet. So my companion and I ran up the hill to her house and she was still getting ready.  At this point it was like an hour after we were supposed to start; ha-ha these people don’t know how to tell time at all!  We did get her to the baptism, it ended up starting 2 hours late, but it was super spiritual and it was a way good experience!!  I’m glad that our Father In Heaven provided a way for us to hold their baptisms! The confirmations on Sunday were also awesome.  The kids from the ward performed the baptisms so it was cool to see a ward that has some priesthood holders that could do that.  I haven’t seen that in a while! Another exciting thing that happened was I got to see president Moi from Koidu this week! He came down for some reason or another and we greeted each other with a huge hug! It was way cool to see him I really love that man!  All in all a hard but a good week!  My companion is still doing way good. He is a total stud and I’m loving training him! 

Bishop ApplegarthApplegarth1


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