Elder Jessee – February 2018

Mission Office 29 Wiryeseong-daero 22-gil (Ogeum-dong) Songpa-gu Seoul-teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea  

새복 많이 받으세요! Happy New Year 2018!! 2017 was a blur, but what an incredible year it was. The year I was a missionary for the full year, what a blessing. I learned so many things that I will be able to take for the rest of my life. It was truly a blessing. This year I was able to see two investigators I taught enter the waters of Baptism and make a covenant with God that as long as they would try to keep His commandments and follow the Savior they would always have the Spirit and receive eternal life. I saw two men change their lives to follow the Savior, and in turn they changed mine.

In the year of 2017, I learned about the power of Jesus Christ’s Atonement and more about repentance as well as forgiveness. I learned more about: the Saviors’ earthly ministry, the miracles He performed, the temptations He resisted, and the example He set. I came to yearn more to become like Christ in all I do. I learned more of why trials and challenges are necessary in our striving to become better disciples of the Son of God. I came to understand, on a deeper level, why Christ died for us; which increased my gratitude toward our Heavenly Father for sending His Only Begotten Son and how hard it must have been for Him to do so. Because of Their LOVE for us, we are eternally blessed. I have come to love the people of Korea. I pray for them daily which increases my desire for their salvation. I am trying to become like the prophets of old, who literally wet their pillow at night for their people. What a special opportunity I have to be serving a mission and bringing others unto Christ. These things, and so many others, I have learned this year. My gratitude is so full; I love this gospel!

Today we started the New Year by getting up as a house, all 7 of us, at 5:30 am to hike to the top of the highest mountain near our house. Something that a lot of Koreans do on the morning of the New Year is hike to the top of a mountain and watch the sunrise, so that is what we did. Watched the rising of a new year. I brought my Book of Mormon and read a little while waiting for the sun to rise. What a great experience that was.

On Saturday night we received transfer calls! I have been called to a new area! My 4th on my mission. It is called 부천 bucheon. President has asked me to be Zone Leader; and my new companion is a native named elder Kim Ji Heyun. He has been on his mission for about 10 months. It looks like I will be speaking a lot of Korean these days.. haha really excited. I have heard nothing but good things about my next companion. This means I finished training Elder Diaz… Time has flown by. I am in my 11th Transfer now. As missionaries we serve 16, so I have got 6 left. Ready to give it all I got to the Lord.

Elder Jessee

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