Elder Seely – February 2018

California Redlands Mission Office Address 7000 Central Ave Highland CA 92346

On Sunday January 28th some of the missionary mothers gave reports about their sons. One of them was Sister Seely. Here are some of the highlights she shared.

Elder Seely has been out for 15 months. He is currently serving in Yucaipa as a zone leader and has 3 people with baptismal dates. The Redlands Mission is participating in a Facebook pilot program for The Church. This has enabled them to integrate technology more into their teaching. An example of this was a lesson he had with a lady on FaceTime that had a member present who was currently driving somewhere else. He is working with one of his investigators with The Word of Wisdom. He promised them if they gave up their habits he would give up Oreos, and he now thinks he is dying from the lack.

He had a great opportunity to give service by cleaning the temple. He had an experience when he was depressed and read The Book of Mormon and it completely changed his outlook. Some of The Church leaders visited Googles headquarters and worked with them to make Mormon.org more prevalent when questions of the soul are searched for. For Thanksgiving he was at a Samoan house. He had a contest with the other elders that went, and won. They bet on who could gain the most from that one meal. He returned to his apartment 6 pounds heavier. He looks forward to continuing bringing gospel to others lives


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