Elder Applegarth – May 2018

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

Spencer hit his 18 month mark in April. He is excited to be serving the good people of Sierra Leone and is looking forward to his next 6 months of service. We are really looking forward to Mother’s Day when we will enjoy the last skype with Spencer on his mission. Time is short and Spencer is working hard to make sure he accomplishes everything he can as a full-time missionary. Spencer is still serving in Kontollah, which is in Freetown. He has really enjoyed working in this area. He trained a missionary that was from Sierra Leone, Elder Newton. Elder Newton waited for about four months, before he finally got his visa to serve in Mozambique. Elder Newton came to the Provo MTC to learn Portuguese and to prepare for his mission. Kathryn was able to meet Elder Newton at the Provo Temple. Many members of our ward kindly donated clothes and money to Elder Newton. He recently left Provo and is now in Mozambique. He was excited about his new pants, shirts, and ties. He is well equipped and looks every bit as good as Spencer or any other missionary from the Mount Pleasant fourth ward. Elder Newton called Kathryn from the airport to let her know he is on his way. It sounds like Kathryn has another African son, we are expecting a call from Elder Newton for mother’s day.

Spencer is hoping to serve the last 6 months of his mission in the rural areas of Sierra Leone. He is ready to be out of the big city, but has really enjoyed the Freetown area. He is planning on several baptisms on May 4th.  The work in Africa keeps going forward. In Spencer’s last letter he said “we have been preparing 5 people for baptism. All of them are doing well with an exception of 1 named brother Prince. He is the one who has the problem smoking. He is getting better but still has a little bit of a problem so he won’t be able to be baptized on the 5th but maybe the next baptism. I love trying to help the man out. He is slowly starting to overcome the habit. We have also been expanding our teaching pool. It was a blessing to see most of them at church yesterday!” Spencer celebrated his 20th birthday this past month. He described his birthday as follows: “I was able to baptize 6 people this week!!! Every time I put them under the water the spirit filled my heart. It was so amazing to be able to do that for them. After they came out of the water each one of them looked me in the eyes and said thank you. That is when tears started to roll down my face because all I could think about is my saying the same thing to our Savior one day. It was truly a humbling experience. What better birthday present is there? Then I got to spend some time with my converts and they made my day special for me, we had a lot of fun! Sunday was also an amazing day as I stood in the circles for their confirmations the spirit filled the room.  After the blessings the recent converts that I baptized a while ago all got callings!!! It has truly been amazing to see everyone’s progress!!”

Other exciting news for Spencer is that his companion for the past four months finally got his visa, so he is attending the MTC in Provo where he is learning Portuguese.  He will be preparing to serve in Mozambique.  The final elections happen this week in Sierra Leone.  Hopefully democracy continues as a peaceful event there.

Bishop Applegarth

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