Sister Ison – June 2018

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

Sister Ison & Sister Perry are seeing great miracles in Battle Ground and are loving every minute of being on the Lord’s errand.  They have found new investigators to teach and have a lot of fun while doing it.  Jentry is soaking up every opportunity to spread the Gospel and really can’t believe how fast the time is going.  She hits the halfway mark this month!!!  Here is a little bit from her email this week that I thought would be good to share.

How often do we judge people for things they probably can’t even control? We must always remember to see people through God’s eyes and that is when we will develop that love for them! Yes people make mistakes but if we can be forgiven for our mistakes so can they. A lot of people ask “how do we develop love for them?” You pray and ask Heavenly Father to help you love them, but make sure it’s because you really want to not just because you know you are supposed to. You must be willing to really want to know how you can best help them! One thing that our Relief Society president said to this question was that the commandant “love thy neighbor as thyself” is something that most of the time has to start with us. It does say love them as THYSELF. Sometimes we have to look inward and gain that testimony that we are all God’s children and He loves us, and we have to see that He gave His only begotten son for us and our Savior loves us and suffered for us as well. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ thought you were worth it and so do I. I INVITE each of you to ask Heavenly Father to help you find that inward love for yourself so that once you find that you may love others in any circumstance. We are all God’s children and He loves each of us, He gave his son for each of you individually and your worth is great in His eyes. I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week and thank you for all you do. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

                                                                Kristie Ison

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