Elder Applegarth – June 2018

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

Spencer has been transferred to a rural community a couple of hours away from Freetown.  It is a town of about 11,000.  There is a little more jungle feel in this community, including large snakes and other critters that come into town.  They have a pet “Potto” which is kind of like a monkey that hangs out in their compound.  Spencer has his first American companion since his trainer.  Elder Jones is from Orem and Spencer is enjoying serving with a companion that has a similar background to Spencer.  The branch in the area is small about 30 people come to church.  However, there seems to be a lot of interest in the gospel and Spencer is busy teaching people. In his last e-mail he stated:

It rained hard Saturday night, well we got to church early but nobody showed up until a little after nine.  Even the presiding authority didn’t show up till then. When we finally started the meeting it was around 9:15 and the 1st councilor was conducting since the branch president wasn’t there.  He stood up to conduct and said “presiding over this meeting is our lord and savior Jesus Christ and I am conducting.”  I rolled my eyes and just about died laughing.  Then I got to give a talk and I talked about time management.

Spencer continues to enjoy being in Sierra Leone.  He loves the people of Africa and is enjoying the opportunities that full time missionary service provides.

Bishop Applegarth


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