Sister Ison – July 2018

Vancouver Washington Mission Office Address 2223 NW 99th St. Vancouver WA 98665

Sister Ison is staying in Battle Ground for another transfer, sadly though she is losing Sister Perry.  She has loved serving with Sister Perry and they have had great success!  They have been teaching a set of triplets who are on date for baptism in July.  They had 8 investigators to church on Sunday and are really seeing the fruits of their labors.

Sister Ison has been so grateful for families in the Battle Ground ward that are member missionaries.  The Denfeld family set a goal to do a power week where they would have the missionaries teach a lesson or share a message every night for a week in their home with non-member friends of theirs or their kids. They surpassed that goal and it had reached almost a 3 week period before they left for vacation to Utah.  We had the honor of getting to have this wonderful family visit us and attend the Mormon Miracle Pageant with our family and got to hear firsthand of the work of Sister Ison and Sister Perry!  What a tender mercy for us!  They are an incredible family who know the importance of being member missionaries and set the example of it.  It is a great blessing to know wonderful families like them are wrapping their arms around our missionaries and helping them to hasten the work.

Here is a little bit of Sister Ison’s testimony from her email this week.

This week I studied a lot about Happiness! Happiness is a choice! We can choose Happiness! The gospel can and will make you happy if you let it! If you let the gospel of Jesus Christ change you then you will have pure joy! Having faith in Christ gives us hope and we are happy! Do we have any reason to not be happy? No of course not! Life is amazing! Do we make mistakes? Absolutely!! Are we perfect? Never! But the gospel of Jesus Christ makes us happy! I can testify of that! I have never been happier than I am now! I know that is true! I know that you are all sons and daughters of God and he loves you! I say this in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, amen!

                                                                Kristie Ison

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