Elder Applegarth – August 2018

Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

We are down to the last three months of Spencer’s mission! It is exciting to think of him coming home, but we are also enjoying the blessings of his service as a missionary.  Spencer continues to tell us how happy he is and what an amazing experience he is having.  As a family, we are grateful for the missionary program, what an amazing opportunity for service for young people.  Spencer had four baptisms this past week.  There isn’t a baptismal font, so they baptize in the river.  Spencer continues to serve in Moyamba, which is a small town with a small branch.  An excerpt from one of Spencer’s letters is as follows:

This week a little girl was born to Petters, the person we are trying to get married, sister.  She is a cute little girl and has a fair complexion.  Well when we asked for her name they said Annet Apple Allieu.  They totally named their kid after me! Ha-ha, it was pretty cool so I now have a namesake!  They said she looks like me so that is why they named her after me.  Also we had a really cool experience yesterday. Sister Favor is one of our investigators who has been having problems with her mom.  Well her mom and her got in a pretty big argument, which included a beating. To make a long story short she got kicked out of the house and was living on the street for a whole week. We were able to go there with a couple of the leaders of the branch and talk to them both.  The spirit was so strong and at the end of the day they were able to come to an agreement. Now she is back in the house!  The spirit is amazing I know if the spirit wasn’t there it wouldn’t have happened like that.  We have had a good time working in the rain it feels a little like home just because it’s not so dang hot all the time.  Other than that just working hard and helping the work progress!!  Remember to stay close to the Lord and he will bless you in all you do!

Paul Applegarth

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