Elder Talbot – August 2018

Trinidad Port of Spain Mission Office Address PO Bag 543 Valsayn Trinidad and Tobago

This week has been really crazy, lots of it was fun though – driving a lot and lots of finding of new people to teach.

On Monday we did lots of things and lots of driving. My companion, Elder Shields, had to go to the Immigration office so that he could be made legal. That was an hour drive up and an hour drive back, but we still got everything done that was necessary for the p-day. Then at the end of it all we had a lesson with a husband and wife. The Subiahs are really great people. They have a sincere desire to know the truth. It is really cool to know that people still seek the truth after all that they have been through.

On Tuesday I had to teach district meeting and it was on Christ. It was about Christ and His name correlating it to us and our names as well as the temple. It went really well, and was really fun. Then I went on an exchange with Elder Griffeth. He is from Guyana. He is really cool and has a desire to teach. He knows the gospel pretty well and just wants to share it with everyone. They all want to hear him since lots of the people here do not know a black missionary and so that is a first for them. It was really great.Talbot3

Wednesday was fun. We did our morning routine and then we went and exchanged back after some studies and talking with each other. Then we went and taught Charmin, and it was really good. Then we traveled in our wonderful Chevy Cruse (provided by the Lord, THANKS). We went to Princes Town and taught a wonderful lady named Dana. She is 20 and wants to know God more. It is cool because she is seeing who God is to her. Then we saw an awesome member named sister Mootoo, she is super cool.  Then we went and taught a man we know about God. It was really great. He wants to come and be baptized.

On Thursday we planned most of the day, then we went out and saw an investigator named Ramdeo and his wife Lisa. They are cool, but the problem is that they want to be perfect. They are having some personal struggles with life, and it is hard on them. Then we went and taught Bro. Cooper again. We taught about the first principle of the gospel “FAITH”! He loved it, and knows now how to increase his faith. Love that man.

Friday was a slow day. We only taught Bro. Cooper, Sister Bailey, Charmin, and Leston. It was a full day none the less. We worked hard for those lessons to work out. Really tough day.

Saturday was the same as Friday. We only taught 4 lessons, and they were not the best lessons I have ever taught. We went and saw a lady named Sister Jigroop who I met while I was in Tobago. She is really great just having lots of struggles in life. Lots of hard times within the ward. She is great though and has one of the most humble hearts that I have ever seen. She wants to Become PERFECT. Later that day we went and saw a cool lady named Cece. She wants to know the truth of what we are saying. At the end of the day we went and saw Brother Cooper again, ha-ha.

On Sunday we saw 103 people at church, it was so great. We went and saw Brother Cooper again. It is so cool to see that he wants us to come over every single day. We never asked him to do that and he wants to grow. He wants to be baptized because he says that he is not even born yet. He is doing really well with his studies. He studies The Book of Mormon every single day. It is great.

Today has been fun. We woke up and cleaned our apartment as well as our car. It was really great to get a good wet down, ha-ha. Then we went and shopped for the week. It was good. For some reason we have lots of food this week. It is cool. Then we went to Valsayn to meet our new Mission President who has been here for about a month now. I finally got to meet him, ha-ha, it was great. I love the man. He is from Heber City Utah; a great guy.

In the process of the week we also helped a member put up some shelves in his new home. That was fun. I got to use a drill for the first time in like a year and a half which was great.

Elder Talbot



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