Sister Hafen – August 2018

MTC Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828 Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero 07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal Mexico

Hermana Mariah Hafen made it to the Mexico MTC and is doing well! She has been there for 5 weeks now and in just 1 week will be flying out to Paraguay. She is loving her time at the MTC but is very excited to get to Paraguay and begin teaching the gospel there. She has been blessed to be picking up the language quickly and loves being a missionary. Here is a few of the things she has said in her emails home:

Hola!! Amigos y Familia!! How are you all doing?? I made it to Mexico, and it’s been a crazy 10 days already!! Fun facts about Mexico City 1) When it rains here, it POURS. It’s like an instant flash flood, every night around dinner time so we always get soaked even with our umbrellas or ponchos. 2) We only speak Spanish here, like no English…..but el don de leguas es verdadero! 3) The Latinos are my best friends!! 4) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 5) I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked if both of my parents are from the United States, because they think I look Latina ha-ha.

I love missionary work!! First off my companion and I got called to be sister zone leaders!! So we are zone leaders over like 5 districts I think! And it’s been great so far, we’ve had a lot more meetings and we’ve had fun planning activities with our zone leaders which are two really cool guys from our district!! Our branch president forgot to call us as zone leaders so we got to church on Sunday and every one was saying congrats on being zone leaders and we were like whaaattt ha-ha so he then had to meet with us after sacrament lol. The Spanish is getting better for sure!! I got to teach some real investigators this week at the TRC and I definitely was blessed with the gift of tongues, and it went really well. I was with a different companion and she doesn’t know much Spanish so I taught most of time and answered questions! Each one of the investigators we talked to, even though they weren’t LDS, they blessed us as missionaries and blessed our families that you would all be comforted. They really are amazing people, and I feel love for everyone I teach!!

YO SE QUE LA IGLASIA IS VERDADERO CON TODO MI COROZON. If I didn’t know that the Church was true, I wouldn’t be out here. It truly has blessed my life in so many ways, and I know that everything about it is true. I love The Book of Mormon, it brings me so much peace! I love sharing scriptures with investigators. It just really brings the spirit into the room! I’m not only learning the language of Spanish, but the language of the spirit. I love being a missionary and I love all of you.

Angie Hafen

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