Sister Jorgensen – September 2018

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr North Little Rock AR 72116

First transfer flew by! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 weeks! It has been another great hot and humid week here in the south.

Sister Woolley and I have decided that we are basically a moving company. We have done a lot of moving people and cleaning houses in the past 6 weeks, but service is awesome and softens people’s hearts. I’ve definitely seen miracles happen from serving others!

Saturday we had a stake Relief Society activity “Journey through the Book of Mormon”. It was awesome! Each sister got a copy of the Book of Mormon and they had a guide of scriptures to mark. Then they put their testimony in it and throughout the week each sister was to pray and give it to someone. I’m so grateful for the Book of Mormon. Venita, the lady we have been teaching, promised to read a chapter a night and she has been sticking to it. Nothing makes me happier than to see people who have never heard of or had the book in their life gain a testimony. President Nelson says it best, “When I think of the Book of Mormon, I think of the word power. The truths of the Book of Mormon have the power to heal, comfort, restore, succor, strengthen, console, and cheer our souls.” He promises us that if we prayerfully study the Book of Mormon every day we will make better decisions every day, we will receive answers to our questions and directions for our lives. I truly have seen these promises in my life as I study the Book of Mormon daily, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share these promises with others. Nothing is more powerful than being able to promise people we meet who think all is lost that if they will prayerfully read this book all aspects of their lives will improve. I’ve seen that as we have continued to teach Venita and watch her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, she takes it with her to work and reads it on her break!

I invite each of you to make the Book of Mormon more fully a priority in your life. We are so blessed to have what we have. Make the time to prayerfully read the Book of Mormon EVERDAY. Make time for what’s important to Him and He will make time for what is important to us. There is truly power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon the power to heal comfort, restore, succor, strengthen, console, and cheer our souls.

Sister Jorgensen


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