Elder Applegarth – October 2018

Sierra Leone Freetown Mission Office Address PO Box 263 Freetown Sierra Leone

Spencer is serving his final month as a missionary.  He will return on October 31st. The Applegarth family has had so many blessings because of Spencer’s service. We are so excited to see him and are anxiously awaiting the 31st. We are also going to miss his service as a missionary. Thanks to the members of the Mount Pleasant fourth ward for all your love and support over the past two years.

Spencer is still in Moyamba. He is really enjoying serving the people of Sierra Leone. He continues to have a lot of success in teaching and the branch in Moyamba has steadily grown during Spencer’s service there. Spencer has become quite the butcher as he has butchered a deer that he bought at the market and this past week he butchered a pig. The members of the branch help and then they all share in a nice meal. I guess his Sanpete roots are coming out in Africa. Here is an excerpt from Spencer’s last e-mail:

We had an amazing baptism this week! We were able to dunk 3 amazing people down at the river.  As always the spirit was so strong as they came out of the water and their confirmation was just as spiritual.  There is no better feeling as a missionary than to see the people that you love and cherish so much do what the Lord wants them to do! So all in all a dang good week! Loving the work out here. Missionary work is the best no doubt about that!

Paul Applegarth

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