Elder Olson – October 2018

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everyone!

Another week has come and gone. We had our first baptism on Saturday. That was such an amazing experience. The woman had gone on mormon.org and asked for missionaries to come teach her. She did everything the missionaries asked of her. The commandments that we teach that usually put people off, like tithing and the Word of Wisdom, she absolutely loved and followed without question. It was incredible to see such a strong testimony be built in four weeks. She found out that her mother was a member, and she is now trying everything to spread the gospel. She is such an incredible person!

Spiritual Thought: We have been teaching a man who really struggles with the idea of a living prophet. I have a strong testimony of the prophet, and it saddens me whenever he talks about it. The way I see it, the scriptures are a map to heaven. However, they are a map that was written 2,000 years ago. We need the prophet to guide us through all the new things that have come up since then. If I had a 2,000 year old map to California, I could get mostly there, but there are too many things that have sprung up since then to be effective. I encourage all of you to watch or listen to General Conference and listen for the teachings that we need to know now that wouldn’t have been needed 2,000 years ago.

New Zealand is absolutely beautiful, and I feel so great to be here.

We also had MTC Exchanges this week. It was great being the one who actually knew what was going on. We tracted for most of the day, but we had some good experiences.

Trevor Olson


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