What a great time of year.  The Christmas season is upon us, and hopefully with some blessings from our Heavenly Father we will have some snow.  I love this time of year as we take time to be with family and friends and remember the things that are most important in our lives.  Jesus Christ is the focal point of our celebration, and what an opportunity it provides us to focus on improving our own Christ-like attributes.

On December 19th, we will celebrate Christmas as award.  We will have a ward dinner, with aplay provided by our primary children. Just like last year, Sister Christofferson will lead the primary children in a Christmas play.  With any luck, Santa Claus will come.  I’m also looking forward to December 23rd, when church will be Sacrament meeting.  We won’t have Sunday School or Priesthood/Relief Society that day. Sister Anderson will lead us through a program that will celebrate the birth of the Savior, through song and words. We encourage you to invite those that you minister to, your neighbors,and friends to come and celebrate Christmas with us by attending these two events. 

Other items of interest that occurred in this past month,Spencer Applegarth gave his report on his mission to Sierra Leone.  We are excited to have Spencer back and are grateful for the opportunities he had as a missionary.  Sister Dorothy Walters passed away.  She was a great woman and will be missed by all.  We appreciated her service as the ward librarian.  We pass our condolences to her family.  This month Dayton Talbot will return from his missionary service to the Port of Spain.  He will report on his mission on December 16.  I look forward to the spirit that he will bring to that meeting. 

This Christmas we have eight full time missionaries that will be looking forward to a call from their family.  This includes Sister Jentry Ison, Elder Ryker Erickson, Sister Mariah Hafen, Sister Natalie Jorgensen, Elder Trevor Olson,Elder Josh Walker, Elder Brenton Johansen, and Elder Kevin Johansen.  We are so grateful for these young men and young women.  We pray for them and their families as they continue their service to our Heavenly Father. 

During Thanksgiving, I spent time with my family.  My niece kept using the saying “full send”.  I had never heard that and it is obviously a generational thing.  So I asked her to define what that meant. After much discussion back and forth, my interpretation is that it means”All in” in other words you do something with everything you have got.  As a ward this Christmas season, I Pray that we are “All in” or “full send” or whatever saying you want to use to express dedicating everything we have to making Mount Pleasant a little better, to improving our families, ourselves, and the Mount Pleasant Fourth Ward.

Merry Christmas

Bishop Applegarth


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