Families and Christ

Hello our beautiful ward family! We are so grateful to have moved to the Mt. Pleasant 4th Ward area in June!

We moved here from West Valley, UT. Before that we lived in California where Wes was learning Mandarin Chinese for the military. And before that we lived in different locations in West Valley, Midvale and Sandy. We have moved more than 10 times since getting married in 2002!

We are enjoying getting to know our new ward and neighborhood friends! We would like to introduce you to our family. Wes and I both grew up in Sandy, UT, but we didn’t meet each other until attending Snow College in 2000. We both feel very blessed to have found each other, and have enjoyed our lives together so far! Wes is currently a federal police officer. I have been a stay at home mom most of our married life, and I am so grateful for this blessing! It has allowed me to serve and help at the schools and in our neighborhoods.

We have four amazing children who are always teaching us new things and testing our patience! Bradley is almost 15. He loves to play the cello and is a very analytical thinker. He is always coming up with new ideas and questions that we can’t seem to grasp! Connor is 13 and is such a loving and positive person. He loves to read and is looking forward to high school so he can be in the drama program there! Halley is 10 and is our only girl. She loves to color and play the piano, and she is very organized and methodical in everything she does! Dallinis our baby. (Don’t tell him I said that.) He turned 8 in August, and seeing him get baptized was such a beautiful and special time for us. He loves to play with cars and transformers and dinosaurs of any sort. We love our children so much and tell all of them all the time that they are our favorites.

As we reflect on Christ, particularly at this time of year, we are so grateful for all that He has done for our family. We have truly felt the love of Christ in all the things we have accomplished and even through all the tough times we have gone through. HE IS THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER OF ALL MANKIND. We know that He lived and suffered and died for us. One of the things I have been most grateful for throughout all my life is the knowledge I have that He suffered,not only for my sins, but for all the pain, suffering, stress, tears, and loneliness I have ever felt. One of my favorite words that describes the Savior is the Comforter. He can comfort and succor us through all our pains and sicknesses. (Alma 7:11-12)

We are thankful the Savior is part of our family and our lives. When we are doing what He asks of us, our family is blessed beyond measure. We can feel His love, and it strengthens our desire to serve Him and the people around us.

We wish you all a very wonderful and merry Christmas! May the light of the Savior shine in your lives and homes throughout this season and all year round!

Trisha Power


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