What is Indexing

Happy New Year, 4th ward family. As temple and family history consultants, we want to put out some information each month to you as the 4th ward. This month, we will focus on indexing.

Some will ask, “What is indexing and why should we be indexing?” There is a great article in the December 2018 ensign about indexing. It tell us that “Indexing is a process that helps us organize that data contained in many kinds of records”. There are many kinds of records to choose from birth, death, immigration, military, deed, probate, and so on. Indexing makes records available and searchable. The indexing process now transforms the information into digital format, and searches that used to take hours, days or even years, now can be accomplished in seconds.

Millions of searchable names are added to Family Search through indexing efforts. It is the main source of new information added the system, ready to be utilized by the system. Maybe you have tried indexing in the past, but now it is so much easier, and there is an incredible array of help available online. You can choose the difficulty level that you want, and there is now what they call a “Quick batch” that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes when you don’t have much time, and are great for younger indexers. Our 9 and 8 year old granddaughters love to help index. It is a great project for all the family to be involved in. We have instituted an indexing challenge in our family this year.

Never has service been so easy or convenient. You can help build the kingdom as you serve at home, even in your pajamas. In just a few clicks of the computer mouse the blessings of temple and family history work can begin to flow into your life.

We as temple and family history consultants would love to be invited into your home to get you started. Give us a call and we would love to help with indexing or temple and family history work.  

Let us each put our “shoulder to the wheel and push along”.

 Angie Jorgensen


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