Temple & Indexing work

I was recently reflecting back at a time I was a missionary serving in the England London Mission. I was training Elder Roberts a new missionary from South Africa. In England, at that time, we watched general conference on video one week later. As we were watching conference at the stake center it was announced that there would be a temple built in Johannesburg South Africa. Elder Roberts jumped for joy and almost couldn’t contain himself! (The only other time I saw him do this was when he saw snow for the first time.) At that time South Africa was in the London Temple district.  Very few people ever got to receive the blessings of the temple.  He told me most people, if they could afford the trip, would fly to Sao Paulo Brazil because it was a cheaper plane ticket.

We are very blessed to live so close to the Manti Temple. It is a beautiful temple and I have been blessed to work there every Tuesday morning for the last three years. I would like to invite all of you who can to make a goal to attend the temple at least once a month and for those who have more time to attend at least once a week. I see people at the temple week after week every Tuesday morning. They love it! They bring their family names and do all the work for them. They feel closer to their ancestors, but more importantly they feel closer to the Lord.

I know you will be blessed for your efforts to do family history work and attend the Temple.

Brother Steve Sanders

As a Stake and a Ward we are wanting to increase our activity with indexing records.  During February many of us were indexing.  We had 45 ward members this month who have indexed records. As a group, the Mt. Pleasant 4th Ward had 4530 records indexed in February! Compared to January, when we did 1812 records, this is amazing.  Keep it up! We so appreciate all of you that are indexing.  If you would like to learn how to index please get in touch with one of the Family History consultants: Angie Jorgensen, Pam and Kevin Allen, Anamarie Jessee, and Candice Sanders.  We would love to help you out.

Sister Candice Sanders


Over 300 records indexed: Amy Broadhead Jorgensen, Anamarie Jessee, Todd Jorgensen

Over 400 records indexed: Barbara Honey, Crystal Bailey

Over 500 records indexed: Graham Jessee, Molly Hansen

Top indexer for the month of February: Angie Jorgensen (1004 names)


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