Christmas Party 2017

On December 20th the Ward came together for a delightful evening of food and fun. We enjoyed a dinner of ham, corn, funeral potatoes, and many different deserts. Then the Primary amused us with a dramatized version of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. To top it all off Santa and his wife showed up for some photo opportunities for the kids. It was a great time to get to know each other in a casual atmosphere!

Brother Zundel

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Fall Social – November 2017

On October 25th we had a great Ward Party. There were lots of great costumes including a dinosaur, and Chewbacca even showed up. There was a chili/soup cook-off with lots of tasty entries. The winners were 1st Delbecq 2nd Molly Anderson and 3rd Gunderson for chili. Soups were 1st Sister Staker 2nd Sister Honey and 3rd Sanders. The Cub Scouts had a bake sale and cake auction. The cakes sold anywhere from $55 for Sister Staker’s volcano to $5 for a batch of brownies.

Brother Zundel

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Ward Christmas Party

We had a wonderful evening! There was a delicious turkey dinner that everyone enjoyed followed by a narration and a few numbers by a rockin’ band. The best part of the evening for the kids was a visit from Santa and his wife. As Mrs. Claus told about the symbolism of various common Christmas items her husband showed the audience examples. The night ended with a chance for the kids to sit on Santa’s lap and receive a goodie bag with candy, a bouncy ball, and an orange. Thank you, Santa and Mrs. Claus! It is wonderful to get together as a ward family and celebrate the joyous Christmas season!!

-Becky Zundel

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Relief Society Christmas Dinner

This event hosted by the Relief Society and opened up to the young women was a great success. It was reported that the food was delicious and the ambiance was delightful with the displayed artwork and many Nativity Scenes. The high point of the evening was the program. It had several moving musical pieces each accompanied by narration. It was very well attended.

Halloween Ward Activity

On Wednesday the 25th everyone had fun at the church as the Cub Scouts hosted a Chili/Soup cook-off and had a cake sale fundraiser. Lots of people dressed up and it was a great time. Most of the cakes sold for between $30 and $60 with a few getting as high as $100. There was fresh cider and homemade root beer. A great time was had by all.

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Fall Ward Social

On September 28th the ward got together for some great food and games. After Bishop Applegarth got the event started, and apologized for some logistical snafus – he admitted that it probably would have benefited from a womans touch, the event was opened by a prayer. Then we all enjoyed getting to know our neighbors better while having a potluck and a roast pig. The primary kids also were able to enjoy sack races, donuts on strings, and an Oreo challenge. All the games were put together by the Young Women.

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