Bishop – Study

June is a great time of year for our ward.  The kids are out of school which provides many great opportunities.  Many of our youth and families will participate in the Mormon Miracle Pageant.  Our girls will go to girl’s camp with the Stake.  Our young men will have a camp that they will attend … More Bishop – Study


March will be a busy month for the Mount Pleasant 4th Ward.  On March 12th, we will have Ward Conference.  On March 17th-18th the youth are invited to attend Youth Conference, which will be held at Aspen Grove near Sundance.  I’m excited for these events, for an opportunity to strengthen each other.  For the blessings … More Service

Family Tithing

In 1995 Angie decided to go back to church making sure our kids were brought up with good standards. At this time I was still offended and wanted nothing to do with any of it, so I did not participate. We had our struggles on and off just like any other marriage would have about … More Family Tithing

Light The World

The Holiday Season is a great time of the year.  I hope this year as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, it can be transformational.  I hope it makes us all just a little better, a little more Christ like.  The church has released a series of videos on called “We can light … More Light The World

Missionary Work

This month’s sacrament meeting theme is missionary work.  There couldn’t be a more appropriate theme for my family and me as we just dropped our son off in the Provo MTC.  What an emotional experience.  It is a little surreal to think that I won’t see Spencer for 2 years (104 weeks, or 730 days … More Missionary Work


October is a great time of year, with the leaves changing, football, volleyball, tennis, and soccer games to attend, and the mountains to enjoy.  We as a bishopric are grateful for this beautiful Sanpete valley.  We are grateful for the Mount Pleasant 4th ward family.  We are grateful for all the love and support we … More Service

Sabbath Day

What a beautiful time of year this is.  It is a great time to enjoy all the blessings our Father in Heaven has given us.  The Mount Pleasant 4th ward has many blessings to celebrate.  We currently have five missionaries serving throughout the world.  In September, Elder Tyler Jessee will be entering the MTC.  He … More Sabbath Day