New Calendar Page

As many of you know in the October 2018 General Conference Elder Quentin L. Cook announced many exciting changes in his talk Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. One of those changes will be that starting in January church meetings will be compressed from 3 hours to 2. To facilitate that change many more small changes will need to happen so our short time in Sunday meetings will be Christ centered. One of the changes that Elder Cook mentioned is the removal of the announcement section at the beginning of meetings.

In preparation for this change next year I have created a new section of this website called Current Events. This page can be reached by clicking Current Events on the top menu bar, second option from the left.

This page now includes the information that was included in the monthly Calendar and Lesson Schedule with a new section called Weekly Activities. In this new section I have listed all the activities for the ward, that I know of, for the current and subsequent weeks. I have also broken down this information by day. Every Sunday I will make sure that the information is updated for the current week.

If you know of any events that are not on the calendars please email me at, call me at (717)668-5930, or use the Contact page on this site so everyone can stay informed on what is going on in the ward.

According to the announcements in General Conference the Church is moving to a more Family Centered, Church Supported, program. They suggested the formation of study groups to help fill the gap created from less church instruction. If you would like ward members to know of these study groups, empty nester FHEs, or any other event feel free to contact me so I can spread the word.