Scripture Study

I like to get up early in the morning and study my scriptures. I find my mind is a lot more clear at that time, and I like starting my day off with something spiritual. I feel it helps my day go smoother, also. I can’t think of a specific incident while reading the scriptures … More Scripture Study

Personal Study

About 2 years ago, I was really struggling with some personal things going on in my life.  Prayer has always been difficult for me not because I didn’t believe in it I have just never had those great experiences you hear people talk about where they just felt the Savior’s arms around them while praying.  … More Personal Study

A Family of Service

As children, we learned about joy. True joy can be found in loving and serving others. We pulled our red wagon around collecting Sub for Santa donations for years. One year, we collected enough for three station wagon loads! My sister has been battling cancer for ten years. One family took soup to her every … More A Family of Service

Family Forgiveness

My experience of learning about forgiveness came with my father’s untimely death.  My father and I had a 13-year silence.  I would call him on his birthday and holidays, but not really in between. He came to town every few years, and he would come to say hi to his grandchildren.  However, he never was … More Family Forgiveness

Family Tithing

In 1995 Angie decided to go back to church making sure our kids were brought up with good standards. At this time I was still offended and wanted nothing to do with any of it, so I did not participate. We had our struggles on and off just like any other marriage would have about … More Family Tithing


At Christmastime, we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and we do many things that are symbolic of his long-prophesied coming to earth. We read the story of his birth in the bible, of Mary and Joseph, of the journey to Bethlehem, of the manger, the angels singing, the shepherds coming to see … More Christmastime