New Year Changes

Starting on January 6th the Mt. Pleasant 4th Ward will be meeting on Sundays at 9am for only 2 hours.

All youth will be moving classes as an age group. So if a child is turning 12 any time during the 2019 year they will not attend primary but will go directly into Young Mens or Young Womens after Sacrament meeting. Young Men that will be eligible to move forward in the priesthood(ie will be 12, 14, or 16 anytime in the year 2019) can be interviewed and subsequently ordained at any time.

2nd hour classes will rotate between Sunday School (studding the new Testament) and Relief Society/Elders Quorum. Sunday School will be the 1st and 3rd weeks, with RS/EQ on the 2nd and 4th weeks. Any 5th weeks will be combined under the direction of the Bishopric.

Time Change

Starting January 7th Sacrament Meeting will begin at 1PM. On the 7th the ward will also be having a fast to know how to reach out to those who do not attend our meetings regularly. We know God loves everyone active, less-active, and non-member. Join with us this Fast Sunday to be inspired on how you can uplift, and invite, everyone around you.

Our ward is also in-charge of keeping the building clean starting January 1st. If you can, join us every Saturday at 9am to help. This also means we are responsible to help when it snows again. So if you see white stuff falling from the sky contact someone from the Elders Quorum Presidency to see how you can help.

Thank you all for reading this last year! I hope you all will continue to enjoy the content:)

Note I have moved, and rearranged, the Archive tab for easier access to past months content.

Brother Zundel

Fall Social – November 2017

On October 25th we had a great Ward Party. There were lots of great costumes including a dinosaur, and Chewbacca even showed up. There was a chili/soup cook-off with lots of tasty entries. The winners were 1st Delbecq 2nd Molly Anderson and 3rd Gunderson for chili. Soups were 1st Sister Staker 2nd Sister Honey and 3rd Sanders. The Cub Scouts had a bake sale and cake auction. The cakes sold anywhere from $55 for Sister Staker’s volcano to $5 for a batch of brownies.

Brother Zundel

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Fall Ward Social

On October 25th we will be having our ward fall social.  The cub scouts will bake and decorate cakes to auction at the social.  This is a long-standing tradition in the Mount Pleasant fourth ward, it’s also a great fundraiser and it’s a lot of fun.  There will be trick or treating at the social, so come dressed in your favorite costumes.

Lesson Schedule – September 2017

September 3rd– Gospel Doctrine:Chapter 33: President Brigham Young Leads the Saints, Relief Society/ High Priests/ Elder’s Quorum: By Quorum/Group Presidency

September 10th – Stake Conference

September 17th– Gospel Doctrine:Chapter 34: Faith in Every Footstep, Relief Society/ High Priests/ Elder’s Quorum: Chapter 16:The Power of The Book of Mormon(Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley)

September 24th– Gospel Doctrine:Chapter 36: The Desert Shall Rejoice, and Blossom as the Rose, Relief Society/ High Priests/ Elder’s Quorum: The Godhead and the Plan of Salvation by Elder Dallin H Oaks

Note –

3rd hour lessons for the adults will be changing structure next year. Most of the new curriculum will be based off the most recent General Conference. For More Information See This Article.

Bishopric Message – Restoration

The theme in Sacrament Meeting this month is the Restoration.  I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It has absolutely impacted every aspect of my life.  It has brought me and my family immense happiness, joy, and opportunities.  The marvelous truths that I know because of the restoration include the knowledge that I can live with my family forever, that I can progress eternally, that the atonement is infinite, that God and Jesus Christ aren’t just faceless beings similar to a cloud, instead they are a loving father and older brother – with an eternal body.  They know me and my family and watch out for and bless me daily.  I’m so grateful for this gospel.

I love church history.  I love reading about the pioneers, the early restoration, and the trials that the saints faced and overcame.  April and May are great months for me to reflect on the sacrifice that many people have made so that I can have the gospel in my life.  I marvel that Joseph Smith was able to accomplish all that he did at such a young age.  At 14, Joseph Smith received the first vision, at 17 Joseph Smith received the earliest revelation that is included in the doctrine and covenants.  The gospel provides such strength, that people are able to accomplish amazing things – even at a young age.

This is true for our youth in the Mount Pleasant Fourth Ward.  We have nine seniors in high school that will graduate this month.  Cade Davis, Ryker Erickson, Mariah Hafen, Jentry Ison, Dani Jallath, Christian Johansen, Natalie Jorgensen, Jared Lee, and Abigail Walker.  Each of these young people have accomplished many great things.  I have enjoyed watching this group participate in athletics.  I have loved listening to their musical talents.  I have loved watching them perform in plays or the band.  They are all great students.  Just like Joseph Smith accomplished a lot at an early age, this group of seniors have accomplished a lot.  They have made Mount Pleasant better.  I can’t wait to watch them as they move on to their next endeavor.  I love each one of them and really appreciate the impact each of them have had in my life and the lives of my family.

I also would like to publicly thank Jeff and Angie Parish for their great service.  I love Jeff and Angie and want them to know that they are both amazing examples to me.  Jeff has the ability to reach out to those in need.  He has a great sense of knowing who needs help and how to help them.  Angie is always happy, always ready to help, has been a great Relief Society President, and makes a really good carrot cake.  Both Jeff and Angie put others first and have served the ward well.  I’m excited that they will be close by and look forward to their continued friendship.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  It will continue to assist these nine young people and all of the members of the Mount Pleasant Fourth Ward as we seek to progress and improve our situations, the situations of our families, and the situations of all those around us.  I’m so thankful for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Applegarth

Elder Talbot – May 2017

Trinidad Port of Spain Mission Office Address PO Bag 543 Valsayn Trinidad and Tobago

Current Address 243 ceder court lamaha gardens, georgetown, Guyana

This week has been short and sweet. We have not done a lot, but we do what we can. I went on an exchange and it went very well. Taking charge of stuff is pretty scary but is also very fun, and really crazy. The exchange was with Elder Batista who is a really cool guy (no he is not related to the wrestler). He is super funny and loads of fun. He really has lots of things to talk about and has had a pretty rough life. He is such a good kid, though he is from Idaho, and is really lucky to have what he does – but he is none the less a really great guy.

This week has been a lot of teaching. We just go from house to house teaching everything that we feel. We are really working hard to help one of our investigators, Latoya, get ready for baptism. She is scared of how everything works and wants to be positive that she will not fall away.

Sorry this letter is so short but the next one will be really good with zone conference coming up, and soon transfers. I love you so much and know that the things this church teaches are really from God. Look at Romans 8:16 for an example of how God loves us so much – we are all his children no matter what we do and say. We are always going to be that!

Week of April 17th

This week has been crazy. To start off we had a great Tuesday but we didn’t have district meeting because of zone conference. We had a lot of fall throughs which I am used to so I am over it. We taught a lot of really good people that day.

Wednesday was sad. We had such a great day planned – and no one was home. We had planned on teaching a lot of people and they told us to not come by that day or just weren’t home. Thursday has been sad as well but pretty good. We had a lot of lessons planned but only like 3 actually happened; but I know that when you make contacts you find the elect that are ready to hear the gospel.

Friday was soooooo cool we had zone conference and it was so good. Our Mission President talked about the blessings and covenant of Abraham, I learned so much. Our President is the coolest man I have ever met, and he really works alongside the Lord in teaching and running this mission.

Saturday we got up and didn’t even have time to study before we had to go to interviews with the Mission President. Those went really well and the spirit was so strong, especially as we talked about how much he loves me. This showed me how much he represents Jesus Christ in all that he does. He is so amazing and has such a big heart.

Sunday was the coolest. We got up and helped all of the members and investigators get on a bus to travel over the river to go to a multi-branch conference. When we got there President Egbert announced that the branch I am in is being shut down and is being combined with Rosignal to form a new branch. This side of the world is working very hard to get a temple in Guyana, and it is working towards that pretty fast. The missionaries are so great in this country and the people that are here are so loving and humble.

Today has been great, and I know that it is only going to be get better. I love you so much it is insane. You are the best. I want you to know that this gospel can change anyone as long as they know why they are doing it. I want you to all smile more and love the reason you are alive. I know that this church is true and The Book of Mormon is what is needed the most at this time in the world!!!!!!

Week of April 24th

this was what the church looked like till it got shut down.

Elder Wells


Missionary Update – April 2017

Elder Jessee Mission Office 29 Wiryeseong-daero 22-gil (Ogeum-dong) Songpa-gu Seoul-teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Elder Jorgensen North Carolina Raleigh Mission Office Address 5060 Six Forks Rd Raleigh NC 27609-4428

Elder Wheeler Australia Perth Mission Office Address PO Box 185 Tuart Hill WA 6939 Australia

Elder Talbot Trinidad Port of Spain Mission Office Address PO Bag 543 Valsayn Trinidad and Tobago

Current Address 243 ceder court lamaha gardens, georgetown, guyana

Elder Seely California Redlands Mission Office Address 7000 Central Ave Highland CA 92346              

Stake Conference

Saturday, February 18th
7:00pm – Saturday Evening Adult Session (for 18yr olds and over) at Stake Center
Sunday, February 19th
7:00am – Priesthood Leadership Session at Stake Center
List of those Ward leaders who should attend: Bishoprics; ward clerks and assistant clerks; ward executive secretaries; high priests group leaders, assistants, and secretaries; elders quorum presidencies and secretaries; ward mission leaders; ward Young Men presidencies and secretaries and assistant advisers
10:00am – General Session
All ages are invited, this session will be broadcast to all meeting houses. The MtP 4th ward who should attend the Stake Center.
Stake Temple Night will be help on Thursday, February 16 at 7:00pm
Our Ward will also be setting up chairs at the Stake Center 9am Saturday, February 18th

Time Change

January 1st will start our ward’s new schedule. Sacrament Meeting will start at 9:00am, and will stay at that time for the rest of the year.

January 1st will not be Fast Sunday for the month, that has been moved to January 8th.