How To Log In To can be used for so much more than research for a talk, watching General Conference, or letting your friends find out about your beliefs. With an account you have access to many tools the Church has created to help members live their faith, and make life a little bit easier. How can you access these tools? Once you go to in the upper right hand corner there is an icon that looks like a person in circle with the text “My Account and Ward”– click on that icon. There will appear a list of many different options and a button that says Sign On. If you click any of the options, or the button, a screen will appear that asks for a User Name and Password, if you know yours type them in and press Sign In. If you don’t remember your User Name or Password there are links that you can click that will step you through the process of recovering either of these. If you have never made an account, or don’t remember if you have, click “Register for an LDS Account”. That link will step you through creating an account, or remind you if you previously set one up. If you are making one for the first time you will need your Membership Record Number found on your Temple Recommend, or you will need to ask one of the Ward Clerks for it. Once you have signed on if you clicked one of the options in the list the website will take you to the tool you clicked, or if you used the Sign On button it will take you back to the main page of where you can press the same icon to bring up that list of options/tools.