Bishopric Thoughts – Sabbath Day

Fall has finally found us. The temperatures are falling, the leaves are falling, and the fall colors up Nebo Canyon are spectacular!  Our gardens are being harvested and we are bottling the excess. October is also the time when we prepare to listen to a prophet’s voice.  A time to gather our families and hear from the church’s general authorities and leaders. An opportunity for us to commit to the Covenant Path that leads us to that Father in Heaven who created us.

October is also the month we have our Fall Social. This year, it will be on the 29th and everyone will have the opportunity to dress up and share their favorite soup or salad with the ward members.  It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to invite your friends and neighbors to join us.

To commemorate the passage of the Cub Scout Program sponsored by the Church, our Cub Scout committee is going to present a slide presentation, paying tribute to the many Cub Scouts that progressed through the ranks in Pack 504..If you have pictures of your Cub Scout and would like to be part of the presentation, contact Wes or Trisha Power.

Our Theme for October is “The Sabbath Day”.  President Russell M. Nelson, on his talk, “The Sabbath is a Delight”, encouraged us to make the Sabbath a sign between ourselves and our Heavenly Father.  In addition to attending church and partaking of the Sacrament and being diligent in our specific call to serve, the Sabbath gives us an opportunity to teach gospel principles to our children, do Family History work for ancestors who have passed on, and make the Sabbath a delight by rendering service to others.  Especially those who are not feeling well or are lonely and in need. President Russell reminds us that lifting the spirit of others lifts ours as well.

May we all remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.

Bishopric 1st Counselor Brother Gunderson

Inspirational Thoughts – Sabbath Day

“President David O. McKay called attention to another most important phase of this subject. He said that the Christian Sabbath of course is Sunday, in commemoration of the resurrection of the Savior on the first day of the week. He calls the resurrection of Christ the greatest event in all history and notes that by proper observance of the Sabbath we show our respect for the Lord’s passion and his resurrection from the dead.”

Mark E. Petersen April 1975 “The Sabbath Day”

“For Latter-day Saints, the Sabbath is such a moment, actually a day, of gratitude and love. The Lord instructed the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri, in 1831 that their prayers and thanks should be directed heavenward. The early Saints were given a revelation about how to keep the Sabbath day and how to fast and pray.

They, and we, were told by the Lord how to worship and give thanks on the Sabbath. As you can tell, what matters most is the love we feel for the givers of the gifts.”

Henry B. Eyring October 2016 “Gratitude on the Sabbath Day”

Sister Hafen – October 2019

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

HAUPEIII Mbae’ la porte? Como estan? Whats new?

So it was another great week here in Campo Grande, and it was my last week here too! I’m getting transferred! It was a surprise. Presidente called me on Friday before we actually have cambios or transfers and told me my changes. He was like “Hermana, you go home in 2 changes, and I’ve really felt that I want to use you the best I can” so at this point I was like well I guess I am going to stay here to help in the office with Hermana Millet for 5 changes by the end of 2, but then he’s like “I want you to train a new Hermana, and also I need you to open up a new area and do a pink wash there. It’s an area that has had problems with missionaries, but I trust and I know that you’ll be able to show them what missionary work is, it’s a great area.” and he asked if I was okay with that and I was like what? CLARO QUE SI! OF COURSE! Fun fact: I’ve always wanted to end my mission training a new missionary because it’s just the best because they’re so excited about the work and ready to just go! So to do a pink wash I’ll for sure be working super hard, and I know that heavenly father blesses us and knows our desires. I’m ready!!! So tomorrow I basically just get dropped off in the middle of a new area and get started. I’m going back to the country side (campaña) ha-ha I’m going to work on the dirt roads again with the shacks! My comfort zone!

For news in Campo Grande this week….. We were in a trio for a couple of days, and we were contacting some references and we found this older lady name Neka. She started telling us that she’s catholic, but she will listen but she will never change. So we got to know her a little more, then we sang a song, and said a prayer. Then we started teaching her and she changed, her face changed. By the end of the lesson she was accepting to pray to know, she wanted to know for herself if this was true and if it could bless her family, and she invited us over for another appointment!  Honestly all of us could feel the spirit and it was so awesome to see how much she changed!

This week we had dirty water for a couple of days literally dirt was coming out of our shower ha-ha I’ve never showered in dirty water before, but what do you do? My hair felt dirtier after ha-ha.

Yesterday we got an opportunity to go to a training for the open house of the temple and we get to help with the questions before and after the tour. Then they let us go inside the temple!!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Its’ been like a year and 3 months since I’ve been inside of the temple!  I’m excited to help with the open house and just be a part of it!

I love the mission so much! It’s the best thing ever. I’m so so so grateful that I have the gospel in my life. I’m so grateful for the atonement of Christ! HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! I’ve seen his atonement change so many people’s lives, and I’ve seen it literally save me here in the mission. I owe everything to my mission, it’s given me the opportunity to truly change! I am so grateful that I was able to have 3 changes in the big city ha-ha even though it was so HARD sometimes. I’ve grown so much, I’ve learned so much about the person I want to be and how to truly stay focused even if you are in a world full of distractions! I’ve seen the hand of the Lord in my life, in the mission. I know this is truly THE LORDS WORK. We are just his instruments. Exact obedience brings miracles, and Heavenly Father guides us, IM SO PUMPED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE! Remember that Heavenly Father talks through his servants and it is so important to receive personal revelation!

Pray for me and my new area and my new comp! I would appreciate it!



Sister Jorgensen – October 2019

Arkansas Little Rock Mission Office Address 905 Kierre Dr. North Little Rock AR 72116

Oh Hey y’all!

It’s been another good week here in the south! One of my favorite things was: “The Book of Mormon is like BBQ sauce you can’t live without it” 😂

Talking with this like 60 year old guy on his porch I ask him where he’s from he said Georgia so immediately I think and say “oh yeah Georgia peaches” he replies “yeah you wanna be my Georgia peach?” Uhh wait what I was just trying to see if the peaches are really as good as everyone says in Georgia… He replied “oh honey when we say Georgia peaches we’re talking about pretty girls.” Oh well uhhh that’s awkward… 😅😂

We had a lesson with jasmine we were re going over prophets and the priesthood because she was a little unsure we asked her if she prayed about prophets she said yes it feels right we asked her if she believes president Nelson was the prophet today she said well I’ve never really heard him so we pulled up a little video of his testimony she starts watching and pauses it and tells us she’s seen him in her dream, WHAT?? And that this could be an answer to her prayer! God is so good! We also talked with her about baptism this week she loves the church and everything about it and wants to be a part of it but her dad won’t let her get baptized anywhere but his church (Church of Christ). We’re praying for Tony’s heart to be softened!

It’s never a dull moment in Searcy we knocked on this door and the sweetest lady opened it she seemed so thrilled to see us. She just stood there smiling we tried talking to her but she wasn’t really understanding she didn’t know English very well. Somehow I remembered how to introduce ourselves in Spanish thanks to the hermanas. She understood and let us right in! Well let’s just say we had the most scrambled lesson with the sweetest woman, she ended up calling her daughter to help translate for us, but she wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and how her family can be together forever. So grateful that through the spirit she somehow understood broken Spanish and let us in her home. Socorro has a heart of gold 💛

I don’t know about y’all but I’m so excited for conference this weekend. I invite y’all to go into conference with questions or concerns you may have as well as things you can improve on. I promise that the spirit will impress to your mind and heart answers to your questions and ways you can improve. I know that President Nelson is the Lord’s prophet here on the earth today. Make time to watch and listen this weekend you won’t regret it!

Thanks for all the love & support! Have a blessed week! 💛

Sister Jorgensen

Elder Olson – October 2019

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everybody!

Another week has come and gone, and once again, it was very eventful. One of the Wairoa Elders had been struggling, so he came up to be with Elder Koleni for a couple of days. I, for once, got the long end of the stick, and got the privilege of working in Wairoa for most of the week.

Wairoa is about the size of Mt. Pleasant, but instead of everyone being fake country, everyone is REAL hori. To elaborate, everyone is missing teeth, wears rubber boots every wear, talks like a chicken, and is covered in tattoos. The bishop in Wairoa actually KNOWS where Mt. Pleasant is. He was friends with the new basketball coach at Wasatch when he was attending BYU. He also has a brother-in-law from Fairview.

When we were walking back to our car on Tuesday, I waved to some guy driving by in his car. Now, to give some background, I had been trying to wave to everyone who drove by, just to be nice. Not a single person who I waved to even acknowledged my presence. The other Elder, when I waved, teased me about how I should stop waving, since no one cares about it. Right when he said that, the guy we waved to pulled over. He thought we needed a ride somewhere, so he pulled over to help us. Even though our car was a block away, we hopped in. He had a crucifix hanging on his mirror. One thing led to another, and now they are teaching him.

We went to one of the chapels about half an hour away, where the bishop of another ward runs a boxing night for the kids. The bishop asked if either of us knew some moves from “American Wrestling.” So, I got to teach about 20 kids how to do double legs and half nelsons on Tuesday as well.

I also tried whitebait for the first time while I was in Wairoa. Whitebait, in essence, is barely hatched baby fish. They are actually really good.

Spiritual Thought: In 1989, Elder Joseph B. Worthlin gave a talk called “Never Give Up.” It is superb, and his message is simple; when we give up, the devil has won, and Christ’s Atonement is set at naught. To quote Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.”

I hope all of you have a great week. The land down under is really treating me well. I thank all of you for keeping me in your prayers. I can feel their effect.

Ofa Atu

Elder Olson

Elder Walker – October 2019

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 South 16th Avenue YAKIMA, WA 98902

September 23, 2019

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions and events. On Tuesday we had a bit of a bomb dropped on us: Dawn texted us the afternoon, before our big lesson, to cancel due to her having Shingles pretty bad. We were bummed about that, but it was really out of our control. We found out a few days later that she ended up having to get hospitalized with gallstones, and she’ll have to get her gallbladder removed. She’s really having a rough time, but we’re still hoping and praying for her. On Tuesday we had a pretty sweet lesson with someone we just recently found named Kelly. He had read a few chapters of the Book of Mormon and had some pretty good questions. We taught a pretty bomb Restoration lesson. On Thursday we had another lesson with him and brought a member of the ward with us. That went super good. They really connected, and he had read a total of 13 chapters from the Book of Mormon. We invited him to sacrament meeting this coming week and he said he would probably come.

This Saturday we had Stake Conference. Since I am a District Leader I got to go to the Leadership session for the first time–so that was cool. Transfer calls came in Saturday too, and both me and Elder Williamson are staying in Meadow Brook.

September 30, 2019

Things are going well. It was sweet to call on Thursday. It has suddenly got very cold here. It feels like November. It was a good call to send out some of my winter stuff a bit early. Luckily it was still pretty nice for transfers. This transfer is going to be very interesting. We have two new Elders in the zone who are both really cool. They also are not taking any guff from Elder Perry (the not-cool Zone leader) All of this is compounded by the fact that Elder Perry’s previous companion, who I think tempered him a lot, is now gone, so his “reign-of-terror-rule-with-an-iron-fistness” has increased and there has already been some pushback from everyone. I kinda feel bad for him, but, at the same time, he is the one infringing on us and really trying to restrict how we can work based on what he thinks–not what the rules or the Spirit say. It’s really irritating, so hopefully that gets resolved in a non-explosive manner.

Other than that, things have been going good. We have been plugging along, a lot of our teaching pool is about to get cleaned out because we have not been able to get in contact with several of them for a whole transfer, so that’s kinda depressing but a little freeing too.

I’ve been really good about working out for the past few weeks and I’m starting to see some pretty good results. I’ve put myself on a bit of a regiment and starting this week I’ll be bumping up to 350 pushups and going into the 3rd phase of a leg workout I’ve been doing. I’m pretty happy with all that.

For more details of my last month’s journey, and whole mission so far, see my blog.

Elder Walker

Bishopric – Repentance

It is always sad to say goodbye to summer, but I’m looking forward to a wonderful fall. We have been blessed as a ward and I’m excited to see the blessings continue to flow.  One of my favorite duties in the ward is working with the youth. I’m always excited to mention the ten missionaries we have serving from our ward. I enjoy reading their emails and feeling their spirit. It was fun over the summer to see Bubba Ison and Amy Staker leave on their missions. Both of their emails are so positive and happy, it is great to see their progression as they deal with hard things and invoke the spirit into their lives. 

This month I’m looking forward to going to the drive in with the youth (Sept 3), cleaning the highway and eating dinner with the youth (Sept 11), and participating in baptisms for the dead with our youth (Sept 25). If you’re in the young men’s or young women’s program, please come and join us. Come participate with your new young women’s presidency (Shelby Eliason, Tena Seely, Cindy Johansen, and Kiersten Wheeler). Come and feel the spirit of our young mens presidency (Kyler Wheeler, Hunter Atkinson, Drew Jorgensen, and Steven Brito). We enjoy getting together and I’m looking forward to a great month. 

The theme in sacrament meeting this month is Repentance. I have enjoyed several conference talks from this past April which talked about repentance. I’m reminded that repentance isn’t just for those big hairy sins, but repentance is an opportunity to use the atonement of Jesus Christ to improve ourselves every day. I hope that I can join our 10 missionaries in crying repentance this month. I’m not planning on pointing out other people’s sins, I don’t think that strategy is going to be very effective. Instead, I hope I can leverage the atonement in my live and you can leverage the atonement in your live and together we can work hard to improve ourselves, our families, and our ward. I’m grateful for Jesus Christ, I’m grateful for the atonement and the huge blessing that is in my life. I’m grateful for the knowledge that families are forever. That through Jesus Christ, I have the potential to live with Kathryn, my kids, my parents, my siblings, forever. I’m grateful for this ward and the love and support each of you give me.

Bishop Applegarth

Sister Hafen – September 2019

Paraguay Asunción North Mission Office Address Av. Santísima Trinidad N° 1280 c/Julio Correa Casilla de Correo 1871 Asuncion

Hola. It’s been another week! I can’t believe it!!! The time is going to fast here, and we finished another Transfer here in the Paraguay Asuncion North mission. The best mission ever by the way. So my comp Hermana Rangel is making her way back to Cedar city Utah this Wednesday, I’m glad it’s not my time! I’m getting a new comp and her name is Hermana Barrera, and she’s literally like my best friend in the mission!!!!!! I went on a division with her once and we are like the same people so I’m excited to be with her!  This week has been super good and we actually saw a lot of progress with a lot of the people that have a lot of potential! We actually had lessons with them this week. The struggle here in the city is that everyone is so busy, with working 2 jobs, taking the kids to their activities and all the cumpleaños that everyone has every weekend! Here birthdays are such a big deal and they throw huge parties for every year!!! We taught lots of people this week and it’s just a tender mercy because when we teach it’s almost like we just teach with the spirit so much, and with so much power because we are just ready to teach, we just want to share our testimonies so bad!

This week we taught hermana LILU, the girl that we contacted last week with the president of the south mission! It was one of the most memorable first lessons I’ve had in my whole mission! It was so awesome. So we got there and we invited her husband to listen too, and he’s like anti religion, but we politely asked him in guanani and that opened his heart a little bit! So he came and sat down, but said he wasn’t going to answer any questions he was going to listen no mas jajaj. Okay. So we were able to teach them and when we got to the restoration part of our lessons… there were SO MANY distractions! We couldn’t get to that part, so we were almost doubting, if we should keep going but, we finally got to share it, and she literally was so touched by the spirit and said that she believes it’s all true. She had questions, very good questions, and we were able to answer them with the help of the spirit, and it was just an amazing lesson. It’s crazy how hard Satan was trying to stop us from sharing that part of the lesson, because I truly believe that she’s prepared!!! But we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and pray about it and she accepted, and told us we could come back whenever, and her husband just sat there, but I promise you he felt the spirit. How could you not?

This week we were coming back from one of the sketchy parts of our areas, haha by the cemetery and the colectivo was super busy, so my comp and I were like together but not on the colectivo, and so she gets off, and I saw that she got off so I was trying to make my way to the back of the colectivo with my big bag and everything and then the door shuts and it drives away….. I’m like pressing the button like let me off, but when you’re in the city they only stop at designated bus stops, so it kept going and probably like a mile away or so it stopped and I was like oh no, I don’t have the phone or anything, so I just started walking back to where she was on the freeway, and I was just praying that I would be protected.  I was ALONE! But it was all good, and we met up again, but that was a new experience!

Also I had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament meeting and I think I would 10x rather give a talk in Spanish than English at this point, but everyone complimented me on how Paraguayan I was when I talked lol.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! IT’S THE BEST! Everyone should do it! jajaj There’s so much joy and blessings that I’ve seen in my life, I never want to not be a missionary! I know this is the church of Jesus Christ and he leads it, I know that the Book of Mormon is the evidence. I know that families can be together forever and I’m so grateful for the restored priesthood that helps us with that. I LOVE PARAGUAY! I LOVE THE GOSPEL! I love the come follow me books programs!

Thanks for all the love and support!



Elder Ison – September 2019

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 South 16th Avenue YAKIMA, WA 98902

He has made it to the mission field. He definitely likes the mission field better than he liked the MTC. He did have this to say about the MTC:

Something the MTC has taught me is love. Love your studies, your district, teachers, companion, and most importantly love Jesus Christ. He is the reason we are all here, without him Gods plan of happiness wouldn’t work! My testimony grew while I was there and I’m thankful for what I’ve learned and what I will continue to learn out in Yakima.

He is in Natches and this was his description of it:

So when you think of Washington you think of rain and everything is green right? Nope the Yakima mission is desert and it’s kind of an ugly place. My area is the Naches and it’s the smallest town ever and everyone is a farmer so it’s like I live in Indianola which blows Haha. The people here are kinda nice but everyone is catholic but we have met 2 people that might be interested.

He hasn’t lost his sense of humor 😉 He was able to give his first priesthood blessing last week and said even though the girl was “wack”  it was an awesome experience to be able to do that.

Kristie Ison

Sister Kennedy – September 2019

Oregon Portland Mission Office Address 1400 NW Compton Dr. Ste. 250 BEAVERTON, OR 97006

Oh my goodness! The time has finally come where I can share about our awesome week here! On Sunday we had such a great day!

So the cute couple we met chalk boarding, Joe and Eslyn, were finally able to make it to church! We had invited them to come last Sunday, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it. So they came this Sunday! It was so cool some of the members were nice and came to introduce themselves. The Fosters came over and talked to them. They asked Joe and Elsyn how they met us. Of course they mentioned the chalkboard, but then Joe said that they felt like they needed to come after all the effort me and an elder put in to invite them. It was comforting to know that we awkwardly chased after them for a reason. They are such a darling couple. Somehow they both were blessed with nice eyebrows. Like how??? Moving on. Sister Thorpe came THRU and talked about when she goes to other churches she has questions and asked if they had any. That’s when we made a return appointment with them! Joe said that he had lots of questions and it would take a long time to answer them all and he wants to hear our testimonies and learn more. We are so excited they are so cool! It is amazing to look back and think that we almost gave up on the chalkboard because of all the hassle. But we knew with all the chaos that it meant we needed to do it.

This weekend we didn’t have anyone signed up for dinner which actually turned out well. Saturday we went and helped our ward mission leader in the Oatfield ward. Since we didn’t have dinner that evening he was nice and took us out to eat. It was good for us to get to know him better. He really opened up to us and it was then that I realized he is pretty less active. He ended up coming to church that Sunday which was awesome! It was so cool to hear his story! After that we hurried over to a block party to see Edith. We got there when everyone was cleaning up. Edith was super nice and gave us food to eat even though we were about to explode. We were sad that we missed the party so we couldn’t meet people, but it wasn’t until our ward mission leader came to church that we realized how good it was for us to be with him.

Now since we didn’t have a Sunday dinner we weren’t sure what to do. We talked about how we should ask one of our favorite people, Sister Alsbury next week if she would have us over so it wouldn’t be last minute. She is so in tune with the spirit because not long after she texted us asking if we had dinner that Sunday!! We were so excited because we love them!! Her and her husband both served missions and it is so cool to hear their stories and see them glow every time they talk about it.

Now for another good part!! We had a lesson with James and Robert! James is one of my favorite people! He is so cool!! We felt like we needed to go over the Restoration. When we asked James if he remembered what it was he said “remind me.” It was such a great lesson and at the end I asked Robert if he believed that Joseph Smith was a true prophet called by God. He said yes and that our lesson all made sense!! Then that’s when we popped the question!!! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! For Sept 7th!! He is so ready and we are so excited for him to receive those blessings!

Well we had a great week here!! I am so grateful to be here!! I know that the Lord will always provide! 🙂 It is so amazing to serve others at this time and give back to our Father in Heaven. There is no place I’d rather be! I love you all! Have a wonderful week! Enjoy all the many selfies we take.

Sister Kennedy

Elder Olson – September 2019

New Zealand Hamilton Mission Office Address P.O. Box 9542 Hamilton 3240 New Zealand

Kia Ora, Everybody!

This week was pretty full on, with a lot of ups and downs, but I will try to sift out the unimportant things.

This Saturday we had a Ward Activity, and the theme was the Wild West. I will give them credit; they did a pretty good job. For dinner, the Elders’ Quorum First Counselor made some chili. He had no idea what he was doing, so he was asking me and my companion for a lot of advice. He was very proud of his creation. He did make pretty good chili. The best part, though, was the raw fish that one of the members brought. It was so out of place, yet perfectly Maori.

We had another spectacular turnout at church yesterday. It was probably the most full anyone has seen it in a while. To top it off, one of the people we are teaching brought four of her nonmember family members. She told us “We’ve all wanted to start coming for a while, we just needed the push.” We are going to begin teaching them in the coming weeks, so my companion and I are going to be pretty busy.

Spiritual Thought: James E Talmage said that “All truth is of value, above price indeed in its place; yet with respect to their possible applications some truths are of incomparably greater worth than others… A personal knowledge of God is essential to the salvation of every human soul that has attained to powers of judgement and discretion. The value of theological knowledge, therefore, ought not to be underrated; it is doubtful if its importance can be overestimated.” I love this quote. All knowledge we gain in this life will be of great benefit in the next. But, some knowledge will be of greater, even infinite benefit. Remember the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can ever gain in this life.

The rest of the week was a lot of teaching and trying to catch people in between appointments. We have met a lot of people here who like meeting with missionaries, but don’t want to progress. We met with this Seventh-Day Adventist on Wednesday. The first half of the lesson, he was telling us how we are doing all sorts of stuff wrong and whatnot. The second half he was praising our work and telling us all the stuff we are doing right. Mixed messages.

I hope of you have a great week! Summer is ending for all of yous back in the states, but over here, spring is right around the corner. Enjoy life, and keep pressing forward!

Ofa Atu,

Elder Olson

Elder Walker – September 2019

Washington Yakima Mission Office Address 1006 South 16th Avenue YAKIMA, WA 98902

Elder Walker has had an eventful August.  He and his companion worked hard to increase their teaching pool just in time for transfers which took him to a new assignment and new area. He’s now serving as District Leader in the center of the mission. He and his companion are both new to the area and back to focusing on the teaching pool. He says that his new leadership responsibilities are trying but rewarding. For details of his last month’s journey, see his blog.

Sister Walker

Bishopric – August 2019

Summer is in full swing!  July was a very busy month with the 4th of July and 24th of July holidays.  We also had two more outgoing missionaries give talks.  We wish Wyatt Ison (Washington, Yakima) and Amy Staker (Oregon, Salem) the best as they being this next chapter in their lives.  We’re so excited for them. 

August has several things coming right up that we want everyone to know about.  August 1 is our Stake Temple Night in preparation for Stake Conference on the 11th.  August 2 is our Father’s and Son’s night.  This year it will be held at Bro. Larry Staker’s property.  Come enjoy a dinner and good company.  The 8th of August is our Summer Ward Party.  We are having it at Heritage Grove Campground (the same place as last year). Please invite your friends and neighbors and those you minister to.  It will be a lot of fun!  Thanks again to the McClellan’s for spearheading this.

The theme for August is Sacrifice.  As I thought about topic and something I could share I came across this message: 

I am going to preach a hard doctrine to you now. The submission of one’s will is really the only uniquely personal thing we have to place on God’s altar. It is a hard doctrine, but it is true. The many other things we give to God, however nice that may be of us, are actually things He has already given us, and He has loaned them to us. But when we begin to submit ourselves by letting our wills be swallowed up in God’s will, then we are really giving something to Him. And that hard doctrine lies at the center of discipleship.

Neal A. Maxwell

As I thought about how I could do better I was encouraged by the thought that our loving Heavenly Father is always there for us, to help, to support, to welcome us back when we stray.  I know that through the ultimate sacrifice, the Atonement of his Son, we can return to live with them.  July was a great month to think about our pioneer heritage, and all the sacrifices they made.  I think that they were willing to make those sacrifices because of their faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And though my own faith may be small and weak sometimes, it gives me great hope that I can continue to set aside (sacrifice) my own pride and weaknesses and come closer to being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  Have a great month everybody!

Bishopric 2nd Counselor Brother Walker

Inspirational Thought – Sacrifice

Generally speaking, the most miserable people I know are those obsessed with themselves; the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others. By and large, I have come to see that if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves.

Gordon B. Hinckley March 6, 1977 BYU Devotional

“A religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary [to lead] unto life and salvation.”

Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith 6:7